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Magnet fishing glove

(5 customer reviews)

From: $3.99

Lots of grip, waterproof, close-fitting and excellent quality. And all that at an affordable price too!

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  • Packaging In pairs
  • Coating Latex
  • Inner lining Nylon
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Extra grip Yes
  • Colour Black / Blue

Product description

Triton Magnetar gloves

Magnetar has developed its own gloves specially for magnet fishing! Gloves with great grip, that are waterproof, close-fitting and of excellent quality. All that for an affordable price!

Magnet fishing gloves

Are you looking for quality gloves for magnet fishing? Then these Triton gloves, specially developed for magnet fishing, are what you are looking for! These gloves are indispensable during a day of magnet fishing. You need them with every catch when you bring items to the surface, which you must safely remove from your fishing magnet. This also includes sharp and rusting objects, which you prefer to hold with the Triton gloves from Magnetar! In addition, you will be happy with your gloves when your hand comes between a powerful magnet and a metal object. During magnet fishing, but also after magnet fishing you will be happy with these fishing magnet gloves!

The Triton gloves are available in sizes L, XL and XXL. Note: do not buy the gloves too small, because it is a close-fitting model. The gloves are packed per pair.

Benefits of Triton magnet fishing gloves

  • Excellent grip due to the non-slip coating;
  • Extra thick coating: offers good protection for your hands;
  • Close-fitting, so no junk that gets into your gloves;
  • The gloves do not irritate because of the seamless design;
  • Waterproof: the perfect gloves for magnet fishing!

Glove material

The gloves are made of Latex and Nylon. This makes the Triton magnet fishing gloves solid, waterproof and of good quality.

Buy your Magnet fishing gloves in combination with our Magnet Fishing kit and you're ready to go!

Recent reviews

5 reviews for Magnet fishing glove

  1. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Good gloves very well made.

  2. Jessy (verified owner)

    Size L fits perfectly!

  3. Matthew Ford (verified owner)

    Very nice grip helps alot when pulling on a wet rope.

  4. Vincent Palmer (verified owner)

    The XXL fits great and they look awesome.

  5. Heather Simmons (verified owner)

    Bought a few pairs for my sons, now they use them for anything

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