Questions about Magnet Fishing

Tying the Fishing magnet knot, but how?

We use with our white rope, the blood knot to tie the magnet onto the rope. We recommend that you also use this knot to tie your fishing magnet. This because this knot tightens itself and will not come loose. Watch the video below to see how the knot is tied.

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What is the Magnetar hook for?

Not all items on the bottom are made of magnetic material. An example of this is a bicycle made of aluminium and certain parts of steel. Aluminium is not magnetic, so it will be more difficult to remove such a bicycle from the water with the magnet. When you’re the owner of our throwing hook you will not experience any problems to pull this bike up. Our hook will, therefore, save a lot of time. Read more information about fishing magnet hooks here.

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Do I need to add extra weight to the magnet?

This is in principle not necessary. The magnets weighing more than 250kg already have enough weight of their own to sink well.

Is there a rope supplied with the purchase?

This is not the case with loose magnets. The standard rope is not included with the order.

The standard rope is only included with the complete packages, as the name says. As a beginner, take a look at our Starters package, for more experienced fisherman the Advanced package and as a child our Powerkids package. Even more professional? Then view our Warrior package!

Which fishing magnet is right for me?

Take a look at our selection aid to help you with your decision.

Want to get started with magnet fishing right away?

Then take a look at one of our complete packages, such as our Starters package or Advanced package.

Read the important information here before you start magnet fishing.

What are the best places for magnet fishing?

Of course, you want to haul your nice catches out of the water: that is what every magnetic fisherman wants! But just like with normal fishing you have to find the places where you can catch something. So you can influence your catches yourself. The more time you spend looking for a good spot, the more you will fish out of the water! The search for a good magnet fishing spot should not be underestimated. Do you want tips for finding a good fishing magnet spot? Click here for our blog on finding a good spot!

Which rope do I need with my fishing magnet?

We offer three types of quality ropes on our website, namely: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm rope. With us, you get a strong braided rope with a high breaking force, which feels soft and is delivered neatly on the spool. With our rope, you know that you will not lose the magnet. Each magnet comes with an introductory guide about the magnet, including specifications. In these guides, it is described which rope is best suited to your ordered magnet!

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Can I still get my magnet off?

When you fish with a magnet with high pull strength, you may get stuck. If you are stuck, we advise you to pull the rope in the opposite direction, otherwise, you can break the magnetic field by suddenly giving a strong jerk to the rope. Due to the force exerted on the fishing magnet, it can release its grip. When fishing magnets are perpendicular to the object their pull strength is the highest. When you pull the magnet diagonally, the magnet will have less traction and there is a big chance that the magnet will release its hold.

Learn more about how to use a fishing magnet safely here.

What can you catch with a fishing magnet?

Nice items you can find are – lost cell phones, tools, safes, horseshoes, war helmets and even pistols. Surprisingly, all of this and much more unimaginable items can be found at the bottom of a river, pond or canal.

View all finds on our finds page, view two beautiful finds from Lelystad or magnet fish here with us for a day!

Looking for an extremely powerful magnet with a large magnetic field around the entire magnet almost like a kind of magnetic ball? View our Beast magnet here!

Note: this magnet is only suitable for professional magnet anglers!

Read the most important information here before you start magnet fishing.

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is in our opinion the most fun and exciting hobby there is. Magnetic fishing is done simply with a magnet to which you attach a rope. Once you throw the magnet into the water, you will find out what is hidden underwater. The nice thing is that everyone can do it, but of course, you need a good fishing magnet, that you can buy from us. Once you get your first catches out of the water, you are sold to magnet fishing. What will the next catch be? Exciting!

Read the most important information here before you start with magnet fishing.

Read here more about what exactly magnet fishing is.

Questions about Magnetar Magnets

What makes a Magnetar magnet so good?

We have been offering powerful neodymium fishing magnets made of the best material for over 6 years. In these years we have invented new innovative magnets that optimize catches. Most of the treasures found by fisherman are raised with Magnetar’s magnets. We fish ourselves, so we know from our own experiences what is good and what is not. Gaining our own experience and listening carefully and consulting with our customers keeps us up to date. Besides, we test all our fishing magnets and with most magnets, you get 40kg more than promised!

Read more about the quality of our magnets here.

How is the pull strength calculated?

Pull strength that we display on our website are achieved under ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are a 2cm thick plate, perpendicular measurement and no dirt between the magnet and the iron plate. Pull strength decrease when metal becomes thinner, rusty, and if there is dirt between the magnet and the object. Curves and oblique movement also decrease pull strength. We regularly test our magnets for tensile strength to guarantee you the best quality! Watch our video about our measurements here.

We observe an error margin of 10-30kg for magnets. This means that under ideal conditions, a purchased fishing magnet can contain up to 30kg more pulling power than what is stated.

Does my fishing magnet lose pull-strength?

This is not the case. All fishing magnets we sell are permanent magnets. This means that the magnets do not lose pull strength on their own. Factors that can influence and reduce the pulling strength are:

Temperature: Neodymium magnets may only be exposed to a maximum of 80 ° C. Careless use: Strong blows or impacts can weaken the magnet, but drying the magnet after fishing is also very important.

Magnetic fields: Magnetic fields from electromagnets can affect permanent magnets Curious about how we guarantee you quality magnets? View our pull strength measurement here!

Read more information about pulling strength and what this means exactly.

What is the difference between Neodymium and Ferrite?

Neodymium and ferrite are both magnetic materials. Only neodymium is used for our fishing magnets. This is because neodymium is 8 to 10 times stronger than ferrite. Neodymium is a more expensive product than ferrite and this can often explain a price difference between different fishing magnets. We do not recommend magnet fishing with ferrite magnets, because they will not yield good results.

Curious which magnet suits you best? View our selection aid here!

Is drilling or sawing in magnets possible?

We do not recommend drilling or sawing in fishing magnets/neodymium magnets yourself. We hear you think “why then?”. These are our reasons:

Neodymium is brittle and fragile, so your magnet can break quickly when you drill yourself.

Drilling through it can produce drilling dust that can become highly flammable. Splintering with flying neodymium can occur.

Friction can create heat that can demagnetize magnets.

The coating can be damaged and corrosion can strike faster. Read here how to use a fishing magnet safely.

Why does the coating come off?

Our magnets contain a thin coating (nickel-copper-nickel) to protect against corrosion. This layer is so thin so that no pulling power is lost. The coating can flake off or get small cracks due to collisions or high pressure. This is not a lack of quality, but a product characteristic of magnets. Magnets will not lose pulling strength when the coating is lost. The Neodymium magnets are very strong magnetic and also very brittle. Magnets stored in housings are protected against impact or fall damage.

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Questions about Service

Who is our carrier?

We use multiple carriers depending on destination country.

How to return?

Have you ordered a magnet, but it does not meet your expectations? Then you have the option to return it unused within a period of 30 days after receipt. Add the order confirmation to the article you want to return, this may also be a copy. We will refund the full purchase amount within 10 days of receipt of the return, provided it meets the above conditions.

Returns from USA are allowed to the following address:

Simple Global, Inc.

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The costs for returning an item to us are for the account of the customer, unless it is an incorrectly delivered item.

If you have any questions about the return, please contact us via the contact form.

Returns from EU are allowed to the following address:

Active Ants

Magnetar Retouren

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4704 RG Roosendaal

The Netherlands

The costs for returning an item to us are for the account of the customer, unless it is an incorrectly delivered item.

If you have any questions about the return, please contact us via the contact form.

What are the shipping prices?

Currently you can find our shipping prices here.

What is our average delivery time?

You can find our delivery info here

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