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Magnet fishing

Magnet fishing has become more and more popular over the last years. Magnet fishing is looking for items under water with a powerful magnet: an exciting hobby! You never know what is on your magnet when you pull your fishing magnet out of the water. The purchase of a strong fishing magnet is an important factor if you want to go magnet fishing yourself. Magnetar sells different sorts of magnets and magnet fishing kits that would be suitable for you. We also offer gear for magnetfishing, so you can start complete. Why would you choose Magnetar? Find it out below!

Experience in magnet fishing

Magnetar has been a registered fishing magnet company since 2013. The founder, Reinout, has gained experience of this hobby for several years before starting Magnetar in 2013. Because of his own magnet fishing experience, he has been able to design the perfect magnets for treasure hunting. We have the best magnets for magnet fishing. The delivery time at Magnetar is lightning quick as well. Did you order something before 11 p.m.? Then we will send your magnet to you that day! And even more important: With Magnetar you will be guaranteed of high quality magnets. Check out what we have to offer right here.

Do you rather want to start with a complete kit? You can buy those as well at Magnetar! Take a look at our complete packages.

We have designed complete magnet fishing kits especifically for you. We have kits for starters, advanced, kids, experts and more! We offer the strongest fishing magnets for sale near you. Check here which complete magnet fishing kit is the best for you.

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