Lock Glue Metal

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Holds eye nuts and eye bolts that you attach to the magnet securely in place.

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  • Volume 0.076 oz / 2ml
  • Colour Blue
  • Type Threadlocker 482
  • Brand Surehold

Product description

Our fishing magnet locking glue/thread locking agent ensures that the eye nuts and eye bolts that you attach to the magnet remain firmly attached.
Fish magnet locking adhesive/thread locking is suitable for all metal threaded connections. Although the glue is not necessary, as we supply locking rings/lock nuts with all magnets. Do you want to be sure that solidly fixed remains solid? Then we recommend ordering our fish magnet locking glue.

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1 review for Lock Glue Metal

  1. Jake Robson

    Premium quality thread locker! Great product from the legends at Magnetar!!!

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