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Magnetar finds!

In cooperation with alot of famous Youtubers we have some great video material with a lot of finds from the second world war: you have to see this! In addition, we regularly receive finds sent to us via social media by friends of Magnetar.

These many finds are due to the power of our Magnetar magnets. In every video and photo they fish with a Magnetar magnet. We take it as a compliment that famous YouTubers fish with our magnets and see it as a compliment that they say we have the best magnets. The magnet fishing finds don’t lie about it!

Scroll down quickly for the awesome bottom treasures that magnet fishers have brought to the surface with their Magnetar magnet. Photos, videos and more!

Above you have already been able to view beautiful images of treasures from customers, YouTubers and ourselves. Of course there are many other finds of Magnetar magnetic fishing. Would you like to stay informed about this? Or would you like to share a special magnet fishing find with us?

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Of course there are many more spectacular things we like to share with you. The videos below are just a selection of countless magnet fishing videos in which beautiful magnet fishing finds are brought to the surface while magnet fishing. In these videos (well known) YouTubers are magnet fishing and magnet pricking and they retrieve great finds. Finds to get jealous about!

Tips for great magnet fishing finds

Now you as a magnet fisher will of course read this title full of excitement, but of course there is only one golden tip for finding nice stuff while magnet fishing. Don’t buy junk, but go for best fishing magnets from Magnetar. New to magnet fishing? Checkout our magnetic fishing kits.