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Are you looking to start magnet fishing or get all new top of the line equipment for your next trip? If so, consider a Magnetar magnet fishing kit. Each one has been strategically designed by our small team of magnet fishing enthusiasts to include everything you need at a discounted rate. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, explore the kits below to find the right one for you!

Are you looking to start magnet fishing or get all new equipment for your next trip? If so, look no further! Here at Magnetar we are a small team of magnet fishing enthusiasts. We have strategically designed our top of the line products and assembled our kits to include everything you need at a discounted rate! From beginners or experts, there is a magnet fishing kit suitable for people of all experience levels. 

Magnet fishing starter kit

This package is perfect for a first-time fishing magnet. It is most suitable for first-time fisherman of all ages. With this set, you will have everything you need to get started at the right price-quality ratio. Key to a successful magnet fishing trip is not only choosing a good location and bringing the right supplies, it also has to do with the quality of the supplies. If you bring a weak or ineffective magnet, chances are you will not find much or enjoy your trip. With Magnetar Neodymium Magnets you will have a high chance of finding something interesting because you know you are working with the best type of magnet and accessories.

Our basic kit includes a magnet with 200kg / 440 lb of magnetic pull, a magnet fishing grappling hook, a pair of gloves, 10ml metal glue and strong 6mm orange rope and rope carabiner. We have the best rope for magnet fishing.

Professional magnet fishing kit

Our professional magnet fishing kits each include one of our best-selling 360 allround fishing magnets. This magnet has the highest pulling force to attract the greatest quality and quantity of treasures. Because of the 360 degrees allround pulling force, they are able to catch metal objects on all sides of the magnet. Our customers tell us that they have so much fun fishing with these magnets for magnet fishing because they find the most treasures. This is a premium fishing magnet kit for lifelong or advanced magnet fishermen. Read about the Professional magnet fishing kits below to decide which one is right for you.

  • Fishmagnet Package Pro includes: Hardcore Magnet 360°, Strong rope ⅓’’ diameter / 8mm with carabiner, pair of waterproof gloves, Hardcore protection cover, Glue, Grappling hook.
  • Expert Package includes: Terror Magnet 360°, Strong rope ⅓’’ diameter / 8mm with carabiner, pair of waterproof gloves, Terror protection cover, Glue, Grappling hook.
  • Legendpackage includes: Beast Magnet 360°, Strong rope 0.4’’ diameter / 10mm with carabiner, pair of waterproof gloves, Beast protection cover, Glue, Grappling hook.
  • Warrior Package includes: 1x Terror Magnet 1 x Beast Magnet 360°, 2 x Strong rope 0.4’’ diameter / 10mm with carabiner, 2 x pair of waterproof gloves, Terror protection cover, Beast protection cover, Glue, Grappling hook.

Double sided magnet fishing kit

Magnetar’s double sided magnet fishing kit is equipped with a Neodymium Magnet that has a double sided magnetic pull. Our double sided fishing magnet has a pulling force divided over two magnets to increase the directional pull of the magnet. It’s almost like having two powerful magnets working together to help you search for treasures underwater. This is the ultimate fishing magnet – it increases your chance of finding bigger and better metal objects from each side. 

This kit is perfect for people who want a heavy duty fishing magnet with a higher pulling force to find lost treasures in a local river, rocky stream or behind a boat. The double sided “Bulldog” magnet is extra strong and long-lasting due to the steel casing which protects the magnet. 

The kit includes: one double sided fishing magnet (“The Bulldog”), a strong orange rope and rope carabiner, a bottle of thread locker to keep the eyebolt from backing out and triton hand gloves. The Bulldog is an incredibly powerful magnet with a combined maximum weight of 800kg/1760LB. 

Shop our double sided “Bulldog” magnet kits, check out the strongest fishing magnet or all double sided fishing magnets we currently have.

Magnet fishing kit with grappling hook

We offer a few magnet fishing kits that contain a grappling hook. Most of the time you can catch objects in the water with your magnet, but there are other times where you have something on your magnet that contains non-magnetic materials, is oddly shaped, gets stuck on rocks, so you keep losing the object over and over again. Most magnet fisherman have been there. The stainless steel grappling hook is the best accessory to your fishing magnet and heavy duty orange rope. Keep your magnet attached to the object as you toss your grappling hook in the same direction to pull your object out of the water. Make sure to buy a Magnetar non-magnetic stainless steel hook so that your magnet is not drawn to your hook instead!

View all Magnet fishing kits with grappling hook here

Magnet fishing kit with case

Are you looking for a magnet fishing kit with a case? Each allround magnet fishing kit contains a protective case specifically designed for these powerful magnets. We strongly recommend using one of our protection covers. We offer you different types of cases like our big magnet storage case or a smaller fishing magnet case. All strong enough to protect your valuable items, like your magnet because it:

  • extends the lifespan of the 360 allround magnets
  • prevents damage
  • protects objects that you don’t want the magnet attaching to
  • offers waterproof protection 
  • easy transportation
  • convenient storage

Shop our magnet fishing case.

Magnet Fishing Kit: what’s inside?

Our basic magnet fishing kits contains:

  • a fishing magnet
  • rope with a rope carabiner
  • thread locker
  • cut resistant gloves. 

The more advanced or premium magnet fishing kit will include all of the basic supplies with any combination of the following additional tools and accessories:

  • stainless steel grappling hook
  • magnet protective steel casing
  • protective case  

The real difference between the magnet fishing kits is the strength of the magnet inside. All of our magnets are Neodymium magnets with high pulling power. View our magnet page to find the right one for you and take a look at the magnet specifications to make sure you choose one that has the field strength that suits your level of experience. Shop our basic kit here. For a fishing magnet kit with more magnet strength and gear, consider a premium fishing magnet kit which will include either a Terror or Beast fishing magnet: the expert, legend, or warrior kit. 

Don’t forget to check out all our Magnet Fishing equipment.

What is essential for a magnet fishing bundle?

The most essential items for a magnet fishing bundle are the fishing magnet, rope, and thread lock. You will want a Neodymium magnet with a high pulling force, but be sure to read reviews because some companies will exaggerate the magnetic pulling force. Review the magnet specifications and only buy your magnet from a trusted and reputable source.

When you buy a magnet fishing kit with Magnetar a heavy duty rope is also included. Magnetar’s heavy duty ropes have high pulling power with a high breaking strength. Our specifically designed rope, the original Orange Rope, for magnet fishing. Read our customer reviews to learn more about what expert fisherman think of this essential product! We tested the rope ourselves to make sure it can lift up the strongest magnets and best treasures. The purchase of one of our special Orange Ropes is the added bonus that you don’t have to knot the rope to the magnet itself; the rope comes with a free rope carabiner. Our rope and carabiner are top-of-the-line and many other brands have copied our design because it is top-of-the-line and specifically catered to the magnet fisherman needs, uses, typical wet/dry conditions and pulling weight strength.

The gloves are also a major value add if you want to go treasure hunting. You should wear gloves while magnet fishing for safety as well as functionality. Our gloves are specially designed to improve the fisherman’s grip on the rope while retrieving items from the water. Gloves also protect your hands from bacteria and sharp objects that are typical finds on magnet fishing adventures. A pair of magnet fishing gloves is included in every magnet fishing kit. 


What is a magnetic fishing kit?

A magnet fishing kit includes everything you will need to go treasure hunting in the water. For a regular price, you can buy a basic kit with a fishing magnet, rope, thread lock, and gloves. If you are more experienced and want a kit with stronger magnets, you will get a strong magnet or multiple strong magnets, more rope, and special added items that will make your magnet fishing journey as successful as possible. A high-quality Neodmium magnet and a handful of strategic accessories (rope, gloves, grappling hook, lock glue, protective case) will help you to pull up more items with ease for many years to come.

What is the best magnet fishing kit?

There are a lot of magnet fishing kits. Consider what you will need for your next magnet fishing trip and your level of experience. If you are just getting started, we recommend a basic kit that will provide you with a powerful fishing magnet, hard case, rope with a high breaking strength, strong carabiner, protective gloves and thread locker. 

The premium kits are for people who magnet fish with experience and boldly want to catch what other people have not been able to catch before! The fishing manget included in the pro package, expert package, legend package and the warrior package all include at least one of our two strongest fishing magnets: the terror magnet and the beast magnet. Shop our magnet fishing kits or reach out to one of our team members if you have any questions. Contact us here.

When will it be delivered and what is the delivery fee?

In the United States and in Canada we offer free delivery. Your fishing magnet kit will be sent the same day and you will receive it in 2 to 4 working days. In Europe, we offer free delivery and fast shipping to people that order from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany Luxembourg, and Austria. In the United Kingdom we also offer free shipping, but please note you will have to pay the import tax. Are you ordering from another country? You will receive your order within 4 working days. For all shipping related information click here