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At Magnetar, we have spent the past 10 years sourcing the best magnet fishing accessories and building relationships across North America and Europe so that our customers can spend more time doing what they love – magnet fishing. Explore the products on this page to find whatever you need for your next adventure. Shop Neodymium fishing magnets, our orange rope, grappling hooks, gloves, a storage case, protective magnet cover and more!

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Essential Magnet fishing accessories

As a small team of expert magnet fishers, we understand that there are a lot of magnet fishing accessories to choose from, and even more options to choose from after that. It can be overwhelming. That’s why we spent the past decade sourcing the best magnet fishing accessories and building relationships with our trusty suppliers. Our business is built on a reputation of being Europe’s one-stop-shop for all things magnet fishing. We do the upfront work so that our customers don’t have to.

When you start magnet fishing you want to make sure that you have the right gear. Here is a list of everything you need for a magnet fishing trip:

The first thing that you will need is a powerful, Neodymium magnet. We offer three kinds of magnet fishing magnets: a single sided magnet, a double sided magnet, or an allround neodymium magnet. The difference between these depends on your experience level and the types of conditions that you will be magnet fishing in. 

  • A single sided magnet has a magnetic pulling force in one direction making it easier to handle for beginners. 
  • Fishing with double sided magnets is comparable to fishing with two magnets working in opposing directions, making it perfect for rocky waters where your magnet could get stuck. 
  • Lastly, our most powerful neodymium magnet is the allround 360 which has the greatest magnetic strength. This type of magnet often yields the best quality and quantity of finds. For example, the allround beast fishing magnet has a high pulling force and a large magnetic field. 

Note: we sell Neodymium magnets – a rare-earth material and one of the strongest metals on earth. 

Additional Magnet Fishing Accessories

Now let’s talk about gear. In addition to the strongest fishing you will also want some other equipment:

  • It is highly recommended that you protect your all-round fishing magnets with a protection cover to extend its lifespan. 
  • Besides a super strong fishing magnet with a high pulling force, you can’t go out magnet fishing without a strong rope for magnet fishing. The best double braided nylon rope for magnet fishing has a high breaking strength and is made from 100% polyester. 
  • A stainless steel grappling hook is a good addition to your essential tools when treasure hunting for metal objects because if you hit something in the water, or when you find larger items, a strong magnetic fishing hook will increase the pulling force and help you pull your item out of the water.
  • Gloves are really important to protect your hands and also enable you to have a better grip on your rope when you are pulling your treasures to the surface. 
  • A fishing magnet storage case is one of the best, most convenient and important tools because it protects your equipment – your powerful magnet will not damage surrounding metal objects, your hook will stay sharp, your rope will stay in one place, and so much more!

Magnet fishing setup: what do you need to get started?

When you want to go magnet fishing, there are a few essential items that you will need. For starters, you have to invest in a strong magnet. Consider whether you would like your strong neodymium magnets to have a targeted pull force (single sided) or higher magnetic force (allround)? 

After you have your magnet you have to choose a good rope. Our rope is non-elastic, made of polyester and has a minimum strength of 720kg / 1587 lb. We also include a carabiner with every purchase!

Additional items that will complete your first magnet fishing kit: gloves to protect your hands, a strong grappling hook to help retrieve bigger or non-magnetic items out of the water easily, a protection cover for your fishing magnet, and a magnet storage case to easily carry your equipment around. For anyone just starting out, we also sell Magnet Fishing Bundle Kits that offer bundle savings at a discounted rate.

Also an important factor to consider is the seasonal weather changes. If your magnet fishing journey is starting in the winter, you may want to bring extra layers – consider sporting our favourite Magnetar hoodie!

Why choose Magnetar’s Magnet fishing supplies?

If you want to find lost treasures, go metal detecting, enjoy an outdoor activity and clean up our waterways with the best magnets, Magnetar is the way to go! We are a small family-run business that is Europe’s #1 provider of strong magnets. We are a team of magnet fishing enthusiasts so we know what works, what doesn’t and how much of a difference a high quality magnet can have on the quality of treasures that you will find. We choose the best material, best coating and our customers are always happy! We also offer free shipping and offer a 30 day return period for unused items. Want to buy something from Magnetar for the first time? Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a free e book and 5% discount.


What equipment do you need to magnet fish?

The most important equipment that you need for this hobby is a strong neodymium magnet and a fishing magnet rope with a barrel and carabiner. Gloves are also important to protect your hands. You can choose to buy a magnet fishing kit if you want to start completely. When you buy a magnet, the thread locker ensures that the eye nuts and eye bolts that you attach to the magnet remain firmly attached. Other gear that is not necessary, but makes your journey more fun and easy. For an added bonus, consider s a magnet storage case, grappling hook, Magnetic Fishing Spike, and Magnetar clothes. 

What magnet fishing gear is most important if you are on a budget?

The most important things to invest in when you don’t have a lot to spend are a good magnet and a strong rope. These two items are essential if you want to find anything in bodies of water. You can choose to buy a single sided classic magnet, double sided fishing magnet, or an allround magnet depending on your budget. We offer the best rope that has a high breaking strength and is made from 100% polyester. 

How to store magnet fishing magnets and other tools?

Make sure that your gear is dry before you store it. Wash and dry your magnet, rope, gloves and any other gear to ensure that it does not get damaged. Store your gear in a dry place away from other metal items. Keep out of reach of children. A protective storage case is a good solution to protect your equipment and ensure it remains all in one place.

When will it be delivered and what is the delivery fee?

In the United States and in Canada we offer free delivery. Your fishing magnet complete kit will be sent the same day and you will receive it in 2 to 4 working days. In Europe, we offer free delivery and fast shipping to people that order from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany Luxembourg, and Austria. In the United Kingdom we also offer free shipping, but please note you will have to pay the import tax. Are you ordering from another country? You will receive your order within 4 working days. For all shipping related information, go to our shipping page.