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Hey magnet fisher! Have you heard? Magnetar is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. We are incredibly proud to have supported magnet fishers around the world for a decade. This milestone deserves a celebration and therefore, we’re doing this with a special launch: our brand-new block magnets! These are also the world’s strongest fishing magnets.


The MEGACUBE ™ is the new star in our lineup. With dimensions of 3x3x3 inch (74x74x74 mm), you’re bringing home a real safe-cracker! This six-sided cube has a pulling force of 6000 Lb (2700 kg), surpassing all other fishing magnets. Magnetic objects in the water are attracted to the MEGACUBE™ from 9 inch (22.5 cm) away.


Are you purchasing the MEGACUBE ™? Then, you’ll receive a ready-to-use fishing magnet. This product is already assembled and immediately ready for action. Made from 100% premium neodymium, it is entirely shielded by a stainless steel casing. Also, the MEGACUBE ™ is delivered in a durable case with specially designed foam to secure the magnet. The kit is made complete with the included 0.4 inch (10mm) rope and gloves.

*We have given extra attention to the foam’s craftsmanship. Therefore, the rope can be permanently connected to the magnet via a slot in the foam, enabling you to embark on any adventure right away, free from any setup hassles.


The little brother of the MEGACUBE ™. That’s the best way to describe the CUBE ™. The dimensions of the CUBE ™ are 3x3x1.5 inch (74x74x37 mm), and it has a total pulling force of 3000 lb (1350 kg). Want to catch a safe or another valuable object out of the water? Then this block magnet will have no problem!

CUBE closeup

Like the MEGACUBE ™, the CUBE ™ also comes completely ready to use, including the professional case and accessories. This new line of products is designed to completely relieve professional magnet fishers. Unpack, attach the rope, and start magnet fishing! Are you ready? 

Why Choose a Block Magnet from Magnetar?

The allround 360° fishing magnets from Magnetar are amazing. You have magnetic pulling force on every side. Therefore, the chance of attracting a great find is large. But, it can be larger! The block magnets are not magnetic on four, but six sides. This creates a larger 360° magnetic field. You’re thus increasing your chances of a catch!

Characteristic are the six magnetic surfaces. Each surface has a magnetic pulling force of 1000 Lb (450 kg). This brings the total to 6000 Lb (2700 kg). Also, the cube adheres with its straight surfaces better to magnetic objects than a round fishing magnet. This makes the MEGACUBE ™ the magnet for the professional magnet fisher! 

The complete protection of the MEGACUBE ™ and the CUBE ™ is unparalleled. Like all other fishing magnets, these are made from the highest quality neodymium. This must, of course, be protected. With allround 360° fishing magnets, the bottom remains vulnerable. Our blocks are, however, fully protected, making them last longer. Furthermore, the protective covers are made of stainless steel. 

On to the Next Decade

At Magnetar, we have a passion for magnet fishing. We ourselves are often found by the water’s edge, searching for treasures from the depths. It’s these adventures that have driven us to develop the world’s first double-sided and allround 360° fishing magnets. 

Over the last decade, a true evolution in fishing magnets has taken place. Every time, we’ve strived to find the best solutions for magnet fishers. Does this mean we’re going to stand still? Absolutely not! We’re kicking off the second decade with the world’s newest and strongest fishing magnets. 

At Magnetar, we’re incredibly excited for the next ten years! Are you? We’re starting this decade strong and intend to continue this line. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and become part of the Magnetar community. That way, you’ll always be the first to know about our new developments! 

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