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MEGACUBE ™ kit – 6000 lb / 2700 kg – 360° Blockmagnet

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The MEGACUBE ™ Fishing Magnet. Magnet fishing with 6x more Power. Result. Fun!

The world’s strongest magnet is delivered complete in a professional case with rope and gloves.

Buy Now! Delivery around the 20th of June.

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Essentials and recommendations:


  • Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 inch / 74 x 74 x 74 mm
  • Weight 6.46 lb / 2930 gram
  • Pulling force 6000 lb / 2700 kg
  • Direct pulling force 1000 lb / 450 kg
  • Distance attraction 9 inch / 22.5 cm
  • Protective cover 100% protected
  • Rope Diameter: 0.40” / 10mm
  • Rope length 65 ft / 20 m
  • Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
  • Gloves Waterproof gloves

Product description

The MEGACUBE ™ is the world's strongest fishing magnet! With 6 x 1000 lb / 450 kg magnetic contact surfaces, you have the best chances of catching. Our cube fishing magnet is the best option for the professional magnet fisher.

Why choose the MEGACUBE ™?

There are plenty of strong fishing magnets. So why choose the MEGACUBE ™ from Magnetar instead of a single-sided, double-sided, or all-round fishing magnet?

  • Greater chances of catching: the MEGACUBE ™ is magnetic on six sides. This is more than an all-round fishing magnet and creates a significantly larger magnetic field;
  • Design: the six straight surfaces provide more grip than round magnets. This increases the chance of retrieving objects like safes from the water;
  • Indestructible: unlike other neodymium fishing magnets, this block magnet is 100% protected. Additionally, this fishing magnet retains 100% of its pulling power;
  • Greater attraction distance: The attraction distance is an impressive 9 inch / 22.5 cm, significantly greater than other fishing magnets;
  • Ready for action: fully assembled, glued, and secured. The MEGACUBE ™ is ready to use immediately;
  • Complete: the MEGACUBE ™ comes with a free robust case, 10mm rope & gloves.

Game-changer in the world of magnet fishing

The MEGACUBE ™ is unparalleled. No other fishing magnet comes close. Its defining features are the 360° attraction power, six magnetic contact surfaces, durability, and the gigantic attraction distance of our cube. This powerhouse, measuring 3x3x3 inch / 74x74x74 mm, is a magnet of substantial size. The attraction distance of 9 inch / 22.5 cm and the total pulling force of 6000 lb / 2700 kg ensure that you can retrieve every treasure from the seabed.


Our neodymium magnets are extremely powerful. As a result, iron objects that are at a short distance can be pulled towards the fishing magnets at high speeds. In some cases, a finger can get trapped between the magnet and the object. Therefore, always handle the magnets with care and use them at your own risk. Read our safety warnings before use.

*This product is not suitable for children.


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1 review for MEGACUBE ™ kit – 6000 lb / 2700 kg – 360° Blockmagnet

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Cant freakin wait! Thanks Nicks @magnetjunkie for promo and review of this. This is a great idea hopefully will make more solid connections to items vs. circular.

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