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Rope ¼” / 6mm || 65 feet / 20 meters


Specially designed fishing magnet rope with barrel and carabiner. No more knots and 100% quality guarantee.

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  • Strength 720 KG - 1587 LBS
  • Length 65 Feet - 20 Meter
  • Materials Rope 100% Polyester
  • Materials Carabiner 100% Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)
  • Elasticity Not Elastic
  • Wear resistant Yes
  • Water resistant Yes
  • UV resistant Yes
  • Weaving Technique Double Braided
  • Attachment No Knot or Carabiner needed - See Product Description

Product description

Fishing magnet rope 6mm

This rope is best suited for the Classic 80 and Classic 150. Additionally, this rope can also be used for the Classic 250, however, we recommend the 8mm variant. The 6mm fishing magnet rope is thin but very strong with a breaking force of 720kg / 1587 lb. When the rope is pulled hard, it cuts more than the thick rope does.


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