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  • Pull force 4 X 150 kg = 600 kg 4 X 330 lb = 1320 lb
  • Magnet type Allround
  • Pull force type Allround
  • Material Neodymium
  • Weight 625 g 1.4 lb
  • Diameter 60 mm Ø
  • Height with screw eye 55 mm
  • Magnet height 30 mm
  • Screw eye M8
  • Max. Temp. 80° C

Product description

  • ‣ All-round appeal
  • ‣ Perfect casting weight
  • ‣ Ideal for use on our magnetic spikes
  • ‣ Well known from our Youtube videos
  • ‣ Extremely strong 4x 150kg ≈ 600kg
  • ‣ M8 connection
  • ‣ Caution required when not enclosed with a protective housing
  • ‣ Available with protective cover
  • ‣ Children must use it under parental supervision
  • ‣ Recommended rope: 8mm
  • ‣ Registered trademark: Hardcore fishing magnet ®

The Hardcore fishing magnet is an all-round fishing magnet with enormous magnetic pulling force! At the moment, in our view, this is one of the best fishing magnets available. Many magnet anglers praise the all-round hardcore magnet with its effective catch results. If you use any single-sided fishing magnet, our all-round Hardcore fishing magnet will surpass it, even if you have a 350kg 450kg 550kg or 600kg magnet. Do you want to protect the magnet well? Then order the protective cover * pulling force partly decreases as a result of its use. (only top and side).

Exclusive Hardcore fishing magnet

Are you looking for an extremely powerful magnet? The name of the magnet says it all, this magnet is very strong! The Hardcore fishing magnet grips onto all objects: this from any side of the magnet. The Hardcore magnet has become one of the most popular fishing magnets among magnet fishermen. The magnet is not contained in a housing, which increases the pulling force-distance: three times as far as normal. It does not matter with this magnet whether the object to be caught is large, small, dirty or round: this magnet simply catches everything.
We consider the Hardcore magnet as one of the strongest magnets in our range. Even stronger than the classic 550 fishing magnet. The pulling force of the metal-coated magnets cannot be compared to a pure neodymium magnet. This is because the casing of the pot magnets influences the pulling force and pushes all the pulling forces into one direction. This allows the pot magnets to achieve high pull forces on flat metal plates. Our exclusive range has an optimal catching chance as the magnets offer all-round magnetic pull force.

Allround Hardcore fishing magnet

The Hardcore magnet is an all-round fishing magnet. This means that this magnet has a magnetic pulling force on all sides of the magnet. Many magnets only have attraction at the bottom of the magnet, which reduces the chance of catching. This is not the case with our Hardcore fishing magnet, because this magnet is made of 100% neodymium and therefore has a magnetic catch field shaped like a ball around the magnet. With this magnet, you are assured of having an optimal catching opportunity.

High Quality

Our fishing magnets are made of the best neodymium. In this way, our Magnetar magnets retain its mentioned magnetic pulling power and only 1% is lost in 100 years. This is in contrast to most other magnet providers whose magnets already shows pull strength loss after a few weeks. At the moment there are more and more bad magnets appearing, magnets with lesser quality neodymium: this to lower the price and make the magnet look bigger. When you buy such a magnet you end up disappointed and turns a bargain into an expensive buy. All our magnets are drawn, designed and made by ourselves to enable you to retrieve most of the treasures from the bottom. We test our magnets with professional equipment so that the pulling power is guaranteed. Through our own fishing experience, we know what are the best product properties for hobby magnet fishing and this is reflected in our high quality, powerful and reliable fishing magnets. Curious about our pull force measurement? Watch our video here.

Pay attention!

Our neodymium magnets are very powerful and can hit iron objects at high speed when they come close to them. You don't want to get your fingers in between. With the stronger magnets in our range, it is even possible that it could shatter, break or blister your fingers if your fingers get caught in between. So always handle the magnets with care: use is at your own risk. Always read our safety warnings before use.

Recent reviews

4 reviews for Hardcore Magnet ®

  1. Suzan

    Best magnet in this price range! Very good price quality ratio.

  2. Dayne

    The magnet is great and I really like its name.

  3. Daniel Bunker

    Strong magnet. Caught a bike the first day out with this one.

  4. NIgel Morgan


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