Fishmagnet package Warrior

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  • Pull force magnet Beast magnet 4x350= 1400kg /  4 x 770 lb ≈ 3080 lb Terror magnet 4x250= 1000kg / 4 x 550lb ≈ 2200 lb
  • Magnet type Allround
  • Pull force type Allround
  • Magnet material Neodymium
  • Magnet weight Beast magnet: 1900 g 4.2 lb Terror magnet: 1150 g 2.5 lb
  • Magnet diameter Beast magnet: 80 mm Ø Terror magnet: 70 mm Ø
  • Magnet height Beast: 50 mm Terror: 40 mm
  • Height with screw eye Beast: 85 mm Terror: 75 mm
  • Screw eye M8
  • Max.Temp. 80° C

Product description

  • ‣ Fully prepared for magnet fishing
  • ‣ Very powerful magnet
  • ‣ Beast 360° magnet (4x350= 1400kg /  4 x 770 lb ≈ 3080 lb)
  • ‣ Terror 360° magnet (4x250= 1000kg / 4 x 550lb ≈ 2200 lb)
  • ‣ Enriching magnetic pull
  • ‣ Longer lifespan because of the protective casing
  • ‣ Includes a strong rope
  • ‣ Free locking glue
  • ‣ Extra package discount!

CAUTION! This package contains extremely powerful magnets. It is of great importance that you always keep 1 meter distance in between these magnets. Otherwise this could lead to very dangerous situations.

The Warrior package is equipped with the strongest magnets in Europe: the Terror and the Beast fishing magnets! These two powerhouses will definitely convince you of their all round magnetic pull. This package is made for advanced magnet fishers who want to go magnet fishing with the highest chance possible of finding objects. This package also includes locking glue, 2x 10mm rope, 2x waterproof gloves and the Beast protective case. Do you want to be a real warrior as a magnet fisher? Then quickly buy this package with extra package discount.

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1 review for Fishmagnet package Warrior

  1. Ismael elkarim

    Great products! Couldn’t buy this kind of things in my own country. Really happy to own this set my self. Would recommend this to everyone !

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