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Single Sided Fishing Magnet – 660LB/300KG – Classic

(9 customer reviews)


Get started on your next adventure with this Single Sided Fishing Magnet. This magnet is impact-resistant, suitable for the whole family, and easy to use. The Classic 300 fishing magnet has proven to be a reliable fishing magnet.

Essentials and recommendations:


  • Pull force lb 1 side 660 lb
  • Pull force kg 1 side 300 kg
  • Distance attraction 4 inch / 10 cm
  • Pulling direction Bottom side
  • Magnet type Classic
  • Material Neodymium
  • Diameter 75 mm Ø
  • Magnet height 20 mm
  • Weight 1.5 lb / 690 g
  • Screw eye M8

Product description

The Classic 300 fishing magnet is a single sided neodymium fishing magnet. It has a pulling force of up to 660LB/300KG. The Classic 300 fishing magnet is recommended for beginners who want to pull larger objects out of the water. This magnet is impact-proof. It is covered by a steel case so it is protected from bumps. If you are looking for a magnet that can be used by the entire family for an affordable price, this is the magnet you must have.

Powerful single sided fishing magnet 660LB/300KG

The magnet has a housing against impact and fall damage. As a result, the magnet is only magnetic at the bottom. All pulling forces are centered downwards, making the magnet extremely powerful.  If you are looking for an allround magnet with a higher potential? Check our Easy and Hardcore magnets here.

Isn't this too much pulling power?

Do not worry!! The promised pull of 660LB/300kg will only be reached in perfect conditions. These conditions are flat metal with a thickness of 0.78inch / 2cm, no rust, and no mess between the magnet and the metal. The chance that you will encounter a clean metal plate in the water is small. Most of the time there is rust on the iron treasures.

High Quality

Our fishing magnets are made of Neodymium. Magnetar magnets retain their magnetic pulling power for decades with only 1% lost every 100 years (with proper storage, care, and protection). That's why we sell one of the best fishing magnets in the market.

Most other magnet providers already show pull strength loss after a few weeks. Over the past few years we’ve noticed there are more and more low-quality magnets on the market: bigger magnets with lower pull strength, low-quality neodymium, and false advertising. When you buy one of these magnets at a lower cost or from a big conglomerate company you will end up being disappointed even though you saved a bit of money.

Magnetar is a small, family-run business that puts quality first in everything we do. We are magnet fishing enthusiasts and all of our magnets are drawn, designed, and made by our team to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck (or treasures from your magnet!). If you want a reliable, effective, and powerful fishing magnet you have come to the right place. Our team would be happy to hear from you, contact us here.

Use with Caution

Our neodymium magnets are very powerful and can be drawn to iron objects at high speed when they are within close distance. With the stronger fishing magnets such as the 360° allround, it is possible that your fingers could get caught in between the magnet and other objects. Handle the magnets with care and use is at your own risk. Always read our safety warnings before use.

* Children must use the magnet under parental supervision.

Don't forget to check out our magnetic fishing sets and our magnet fishing tools.

Recent reviews

9 reviews for Single Sided Fishing Magnet – 660LB/300KG – Classic

  1. Andy Byrne (verified owner)

    This is the magnet that got me into magnet fishing. Its just a good magnet for starters.

  2. Matt Ace (verified owner)

    Good magnet. Really like the golden color.

  3. Terry (verified owner)

    Perfect magnet for those who want to fish from the bridges. Dropped several times on rocks, magnet still intact.

  4. John Tomlinson (verified owner)

    I’ve had the classic 300 for almost a year now. Very satisfied with it. Already got some nice catches. Service also nothing to complain about!

  5. Phil Pope (verified owner)

    Good magnet but only magnetic at the bottom.

  6. Connor Feeny (verified owner)

    I have this one for the prod in addition to the Hardcore magnet, works well.

  7. Charlie Sikes (verified owner)

    Coating comes off at the bottom over time.

  8. Linn Curson (verified owner)

    Wasn’t quite sure how to put it together. Fortunately Magnetar had a manual online.

  9. Freeman Eggett (verified owner)

    Very good magnet for the money.

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