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Double sided magnet kit – 1940lb/880kg – Bulldog

(6 customer reviews)


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Essentials and recommendations:


  • Magnet type Bulldog 800 double sided
  • Rope 1/3” / 8mm
  • Rope lenght 65 FT / 20 m
  • Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
  • Glue 2ml bottle
  • Gloves Pair of waterproof gloves

Product description

With the Bulldog 800 you are bound to start finding the most unique underwater treasures. This all-in-one package contains everything you need to avoid any unwanted surprises at the waterfront. Our double-sided Bulldog 800 fishing magnet, gloves, a magnet fishing rope and metal glue are all included in this complete set. Are you looking for a 360° all-round magnet? Check out our Pro Package.

Bulldog 800 Double-Sided Fishing Magnet

All our Bulldog fishing magnets have two magnetic sides. The Bulldog 800 has a total magnetic pull of 1940 lb / 880 kg, effectively 970 lb / 440 kg per side. Heavy objects like safes, car parts and traffic signs are no big deal for this powerhouse. Compared to single-sided magnets, the two magnetic sides of this magnet significantly increase the odds of finding great treasures.

Double-sided magnets can be used in several ways. Would you like to pull the magnet flat through the water? Mount the eye bolt to the magnet’s side. Usually, this technique yields a higher chance of clinging onto treasure. The magnet’s two magnetic sides result in the fact that there is always a magnetic force directed towards potential treasure laying on the bottom. The disadvantage is that the horizontal motion of the magnet exercises less of a pull on the objects found. Vertical fishing, on the contrary, always delivers a more optimal magnetic force.

When you are onto something and want to use greater force, the eyebolt can be attached vertically. This facilitates a stronger vertical force to pull up heavier objects. The versatile use of the double-sided magnets, attached to an  , make them the most multi-functional magnets we have.

Are you a beginner and like the versatility of this magnet, but with slightly less extreme power? Have a look at the Bulldog 500, a double-sided fishing magnet with a combined pulling force of 1100 lb / 500 kg. Have you heard of our 360 degree all-round magnets? The Terror is a great, comparable choice.

High quality

All of Magnetar’s fishing magnets are made of neodymium. This material ensures a long-lasting magnetic force. With proper use and storage, these magnets only lose one percent of their force in 100 years. That is why we are certain that we offer the highest quality fishing magnets on the market.

Over the past years, the market has been flooded with low-quality products. Many fishing magnets by other sellers are often seen to lose their force within weeks. Generally, we see bigger size magnets, but made of lower quality neodymium which are marketed with misleading ads. These kinds of products might seem cheap, but will leave you dissatisfied in the long run.

Magnetar is a small family-owned business of real magnet fishing fans. Quality comes first with us, and that is reflected in our products. All of our fishing magnets are designed in-house to ensure high-end products. Are you looking for a reliable, effective and quality fishing magnet? Look for a Magnetar! We are committed to sell you the best fishing magnets.


Our neodymium fishing magnets are very powerful. This may cause other objects to be pulled towards the magnet at high speed. Obviously, this leads to potentially dangerous situations, as fingers might get caught between the magnet and an object. We recommend that you always handle these magnets with care and underline that you do so at your own risk. Read our   before use.

Recent reviews

6 reviews for Double sided magnet kit – 1940lb/880kg – Bulldog

  1. Daniel Jenkins (verified owner)

    Lol this magnet pulls at least 5 times as much as the one on Amazon that claims to have the same power.

  2. Emily Davis (verified owner)

    Much bigger than the Bulldog 500.

  3. Campbell (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly.

  4. Lister Bolling (verified owner)

    You can tell that it was made with high quality materials.

  5. Wilfrid Edgin (verified owner)

    I’ve been seeing Magnetar everywhere on Youtube. Found out now why they’re the best Magnets!

  6. Orvin Coll (verified owner)

    Magnetar are always good. The magnet is very robust and can take a beating.

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