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Savage package – 3500 lb / 1600 kg – Allround 360°


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The complete Savage package includes everything you need for magnet fishing, including our popular allround 360° Barbarian fishing magnet.

Pull force kg 4 sides 4 x 400 kg = 1600 kg
Direct pulling force 400 kg (875 lb)
Distance Attraction 12" / 30 cm
Magnet type Barbarian all-round 360° neodymium fishing magnet
Cover type Stainless steel Barbarian fishing magnet cover
Rope Diameter: 0.40” / 10mm,
Rope Length 65 ft / 20 m
Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
Glue 2ml bottle
Gloves Waterproof with a seamless design
Stainless steel hook Length 8'' / 19 cm Expanded 6'' / 15.5 cm

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Product Description

Are you an experienced magnet fisher scouting out the very best materials? Our Savage package is designed with you in mind! This complete set of fishing magnets contains everything you’ll ever need at the waterfront. The package is centered around the Barbarian, Europe’s strongest fishing magnet. It comes with a grappling hook, gloves, a 10 mm rope, magnet lock glue and a protective cover for your magnet.

Rather have a slightly less powerful magnet? The Legend package and Expert package will be right up your alley.

Barbarian neodymium fishing magnet

The Barbarian is an all-round 360° fishing magnet. With a magnetic pulling force of 880 lb (400 kg) on each side, the total barbarian force adds up to 3520 lb (1600 kg). This is one of the strongest fishing magnets used in magnet fishing. It goes without saying that this product is made from 100% Neodymium to guarantee excellent long-lasting quality.

Are you ready for the Barbarian?

The Barbarian is our heaviest and most powerful magnet. The massive magnet weighs 5.3lb (2,400 g) of its own and causes it to sink deep into the water and even into silt. Giving you the chance to retrieve the oldest and most unique objects that have been buried under water for years. However, due to the extreme weight this magnet isn’t fit for everyone.

Are you looking for a smaller all-round magnet? Have a look at the Easy, Hardcore, Terror, or Beast. These fishing magnets do have properties comparable to the Barbarian, but are just a bit smaller and safer to use.

Magnet evolution

Many magnets only have an attractive force on one side of the magnet. This single sided magnet is the classic fishing magnet. Magnetar was the first company to redevelop this classic magnet into a double sided magnet. Then in 2016, Magnetar developed the allround fishing magnet with 360° magnetic pull. Magnet fishermen across the EU have been drawn to our 100% Neodymium magnets ever since, making us the #1 supplier in Europe. Our magnets are made of the highest quality, design and care by a small team of magnet fishing enthusiasts. Our customers keep coming back because they know with Magnetar they will get more than a magnet, they will catch treasures.

Powerful 360° pulling force

The Beast magnet is one of the strongest magnets that we offer with a pulling force up to 3100 lbs/1400kgs. The pulling force of the Beast is forceful and able to attract objects from the entire surrounding area, unlike a single sided magnet encased in a steel cover that targets the pulling force in one direction. Curious about our pull force measurement? Watch our video about pull force measurements.

High Quality

Our fishing magnets are made of 100% Neodymium. Magnetar magnets retain their magnetic pulling power for decades with only 1% lost every 100 years (with proper storage, care and protection).

Most other magnet providers already show pull strength loss after a few weeks. Over the past few years we’ve noticed there are more and more low-quality magnets on the market: bigger magnets with lower pull strength, low-quality neodymium, false advertising. When you buy one of these magnets at a lower cost or from a big conglomerate company you will end up being disappointed even though you saved a bit of money.

Magnetar is a small, family-run business that puts quality first in everything we do. We are magnet fishing enthusiasts and all of our magnets are drawn, designed, and made by our team to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck (or treasures from your magnet!). If you want a reliable, effective and powerful fishing magnet you have come to the right place. Our team would be happy to hear from you, contact us here.

Protection Cover

The protection cover that is included in this package is the perfect accessory for magnet fishermen who want to protect their neodymium magnets during use. These durable covers are specially designed to fit perfectly on the magnet and provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, breaks and other types of damage. Our protective covers are built to last and can withstand the toughest conditions. The protective cover is made of stainless steel. This ensures that your magnet remains magnetic 360°. With our protective covers, you can enjoy magnet fishing without worrying about damage to your valuable fishing magnet.

(Please be aware that the bottom of the magnet is not protected by the cover)

Use with Caution

Our neodymium magnets are the strongest fishing magnets and can be drawn to iron objects at high speed when they are within close distance. With the stronger magnets such as the 360° allround, it is possible that your fingers could get caught in between the magnet and other objects. Handle the magnets with care and use is at your own risk. In any case, always read our safety warnings before use.

* Children must use the magnet under parental supervision.

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  1. Michael Johnson (verified owner)

    Will never regret this purchase.

  2. Winston Wall (verified owner)

    Best package on the internet!

  3. Daniel King (verified owner)

    Its 5 stars for me! Its awesome for real!