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Did you just drop your keys into the water? That is so annoying! Your keys are some of your most valuable items. And you probably want to retrieve them as fast as possible. This might seem like an impossible mission, but magnet fishing could be the solution for you. Magnetar shares everything you need to know.

Water is an important element of life and living close to environmental waters has its draw all over the world. Whether river, lake, channel, or seashores, living close to water has a charm. Accidents around water often happen unexpectedly. From time to time we get calls from people who saw their keys or phone disappear under water.

Are keys magnetic?

Every key chain has at least one magnetic key. Nowadays, keys are mostly made of steel, brass, and nickel. Does your key contain just a small amount of steel or nickel? A strong magnet will surely be able to attract your key.

Iron, nickel, cobalt, and chrome are the most important magnetic metals. Iron can be found in steel and the chance that a key will stick to a magnet is great. Besides, most keys are held together by a key ring, which could be magnetic as well.

Try a fishing magnet

Finding lost keys can be an impossible task. Environmental water is usually dark and full of mud, plants, and junk. Most often it doesn’t really help to jump in the water yourself. But, a fishing magnet could be a solution.

The use of a fishing magnet works most effectively in quiet waters. Did you lose your keys in a highly frequented waterway or is there a strong current? These circumstances make it harder to fish for your keys with a fishing magnet. But, it isn’t completely impossible! A strong current leaves less debris behind, which in turn might be beneficial. On the other hand, channels, ponds, and lakes might offer opportunities as there is less of a current.

With an all-round fishing magnet you will have the greatest catching opportunities during magnet fishing

What kind of fishing magnet do I need?

Magnetar has several kinds of fishing magnets on offer. For finding a key or keychain, two of those are usable. These are the single-sided and all-round fishing magnets.

Are you perfectly sure where your key is located? Opt for the single-sided fishing magnet. The Classic 110 has one magnetic side and is strong enough to pull a well-filled keychain out of the water. This product only costs $24.99.

Do you have a good idea of the direction in which your key might have landed? An all-round fishing magnet will give you the best chance to find your keys back. This kind of magnet has four magnetic sides, which helps search a larger area. The Easy is a fishing magnet priced at $49.99.Additionally, the type of waterbed influences the type of fishing magnet you’ll need. Is it covered with a layer of sand? A single-sided fishing magnet works best. With silt, mud, and undergrowth in the water, you may prefer an all-round fishing magnet. These magnets will sink deeper into the waterbed. Generally speaking, all-round fishing magnets give you a higher chance of success. Is it absolutely indispensable for your keys to be retrieved? Do buy one of this type of fishing magnet.

How do I pull my keys out of the water?

It’s smart to have a structural approach to the search. Start from the spot where you suppose the keys are located. Throw the magnet in one direction. Next, throw it out a few more centimeters to either the left or right. Do so in all directions to cover a large area. Is there a noticeable current? Also try to search downstream in the direction of the flow.Magnet fishing is a hobby that needs some patience. No luck in catching your keys immediately? Keep patiently at it, and don’t hesitate to try the same spot several times. Moreover, it comes in handy to know that your chances of retrieving your keys are best when you act quickly. The longer you wait, the bigger the possibility that your key or keychain has moved under water. Did you have a blast magnet fishing? Read our 10 tips for magnet fishing as well.

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