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Are you still struggling with magnet fishing? Or are you just starting out? Then check out these magnet fishing tips on how to get the biggest catch without compromising your safety. That way you will have the most fun magnetic fishing!

Tip #1: Choose the right magnet

Always choose neodymium magnets. These are more powerful and efficient than other magnets. Also, choose the right strength:

  • For children, a fishing magnet with a tensile strength of 80 to 120 kg is suitable.
  • As a beginner, choose a magnet that is not too powerful. A pulling force of 100 to 200 kg is fine.
  • If you know the tricks of the trade a little, you can use a heavier magnet. There are Magnetar fishing magnets up to a pulling force of 1,600 kg.

For beginners, we recommend the single-sided fishing magnet, which only attracts from the bottom. The all-round (or 360°) magnet attracts all around. The latter has no stainless steel protective cover and is therefore a bit more vulnerable. However, there are protective covers for it nowadays. These extend the life of the all-round magnet.

Tip #2: Make sure you have good equipment

One of the most important magnet fishing tips relates to the equipment you use alongside a fishing magnet. If you set out well-prepared, you will not encounter any surprises.

  • A fishing magnet (see above);
  • 20 meters of rope. Nylon and polyester are the most suitable materials. Also consider the right thickness of the rope, depending on the strength of your fishing magnet;
  • A stainless steel magnet fishing hook with rope. Useful when pulling up heavy finds. Stainless steel will not be attracted to your fishing magnet.

In addition, think of spare rope, something to loosen your fishing magnet with, something to transport your catch in, towels to clean your finds with, etc.

Tip #3: Find the best location

Magnetic fishing is done in a place where you can expect interesting finds. For example, in canals, near bridges, in places where many people pass by, and in places where there was heavy fighting during the war. Do you live in the United States? Don’t forget our article on the best magnet fishing spots.

A bridge is a suitable spot for magnet fishing.

Tip #4: Don’t put yourself or others in danger

If you find weapons, ammunition, or explosives, lower them back into the water and alert the police. Also, be careful if you want to use your car to pull something heavy out of the water. If the rope snaps, it could swing dangerously away. Read whether magnet fishing is dangerous here.

Tip #5: Secure your rope properly

Use the right knot to attach the rope to your magnet. We don’t recommend the carabiner. It is better to use those to attach the rope to a fence, lamp post, or tree for safety.

Tip #6: Learn from others

Together, you know more than on your own. So, use the experiences of other magnet fishermen. You can find them on YouTube, forums and other kinds of social media.

Tip #7: Avoid fines

Do not go magnet fishing where it is not allowed. The fine for doing so can be as much as 10,000 euros! That’s a lot of fishing magnets… Learn more about magnet fishing regulations here.

Tip #8: Don’t go out alone

In pairs, it’s not only cozier but also safer. Suppose you fall into the water, at least someone is there to help you. Help also comes in handy if you get something heavy on your magnet. Even more so for children, they should never go magnet fishing alone. But, don’t discourage your children from joining you either, because for kids playing outside is important.

Tip #9: Don’t leave your catch behind

Magnet fishing is banned in many municipalities, not only because of the danger of explosives but also because some magnet fishermen leave their unusable catch on the bank. Don’t ruin it for others and clean up everything neatly. Moreover, if you take the unusable iron to the scrap metal store, it will also earn you some money.

You will find much trash during magnet fishing, which cleans up the environment.

Hopfully, these tips will help you in your magnet fishing journey. Good luck!

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