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Have you dropped your glasses in the water? Naturally, you'd want to retrieve them. While this may seem like a daunting task, magnet fishing could be the solution. With a fishing magnet, you might just succeed. Magnetar, a specialist in magnet fishing, shares all you need to know. Soon, you could be seeing the world through your own glasses again.

A simple mistake can happen in a blink. You’re momentarily distracted, and you dropped your glasses in the water. What can you do then? Ideally, you should retrieve your glasses from the water immediately. However, this is usually not the case. The sand and mud at the bottom make it impossible to see anything. Have you ever considered magnet fishing?

Retrieving Glasses from Water with a Fishing Magnet

It’s possible to retrieve glasses from the water using a fishing magnet, provided they contain magnetic material. Otherwise, it’s not going to work. Magnetic substances include iron, cobalt, nickel, and gadolinium. Try to determine if any of these materials are used in your glasses. Metal can also be magnetic, but stainless steel is not.

If your glasses contain one of these materials, it’s not guaranteed that the fishing magnet will attract them. The amount of magnetic material might be so small that it becomes a challenging task. Make this assessment yourself. Is there a chance of success, and is it worth trying a fishing magnet?

Are the Glasses Still in the Same Spot?

Typically, glasses are not very heavy. The frame will slowly sink to the bottom, making it possible for the current to move them. Therefore, keep in mind that the glasses might be in a different spot in the water. This can complicate the process. Factor in murky water, and you’re faced with a tough challenge.

Which Fishing Magnet Do I Need?

If you decide to try with a fishing magnet, you must choose the right one. An allround fishing magnet is your best bet for success. This type of magnet is magnetic on all sides, increasing your chances of retrieval. Especially when you’re unsure of the glasses’ location, having 360° magnetism is beneficial.

Fortunately, glasses are not very heavy. Thus, you don’t necessarily need a very powerful fishing magnet. The Easy or Hardcore models are suitable choices for such situations. They have a pulling distance of 4″ / 10 and 5.5″ / 14 centimeters, respectively. The stronger a fishing magnet is, the greater this distance.

Of course, you don’t throw your fishing magnet into the water without a rope. A special rope for magnet fishing allows you to attach both items easily. This rope enables you to search in a dragging manner. It’s also possible to use a fishing spike, but this can quickly become expensive.

Is Using a Fishing Magnet Worth It?

A good fishing magnet is not cheap. Therefore, it’s wise to consider whether buying a fishing magnet is worth it. The cost of glasses and a fishing magnet may not be far apart. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that you will find your glasses.

Ask an Online Community for Help

Fortunately, there are communities on Facebook and other social media platforms. Members of these communities might be able to assist you. This way, you don’t have to purchase a new fishing magnet yourself.

Want to learn more about magnet fishing? Check out our blog. You’ll find all the information you need.

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