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Magnet Fishing

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is an exciting and inexpensive hobby which brings treasure hunting and environmentalism together. Just as its name suggests, magnetic fishing is simply fishing with magnets. It’s about finding metal objects in lakes, rivers and streams using strong magnets. Just tie a rope with a high pull force onto a strong magnet and throw it in the water.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll go home with valuable coins, metal objects or even metal treasure. You’ll be surprised with what’s hiding under the surface. Take also a look on our finds page!

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Why magnet fishing?

There are several reasons to go magnet fishing, some people start this because they are looking for a variation on a metal detector, for example, and other people are looking for a variation on regular fishing. Or maybe you are just looking for an exciting new hobby! For whatever reason you started or want to start it, it remains very exciting and fun to bring in your fishing magnet at the water’s edge. It is also quite possible to earn your magnet back after just a few fishing trips. Turn in your finds at a scrap metal dealer and earn an extra penny. Old iron makes money!

What can I catch?

As you can imagine, there are some cool things underwater that are waiting to be uncovered! With a strong neodymium magnet, you could catch any kind of metal object when magnet fishing; from a bunch of keys to valuable objects such as jewelry, coins, safes, weapons, bicycles, iron objects, or even a real-life treasure chest! It’s exciting to pull mysterious items out of the water.

Watch some of the magnet fishing finds on our finds page.

What are the best locations for magnet fishing?

Of course you are hunting for the most amazing objects right on your first fishing opportunity, because that’s what every magnet fisher is after! But just like normal fishing, you will have to find those spots where there is actually something in the water. That means that your chances heavily depend on your location. The longer you spend searching for the perfect spot, the more treasure you’re going to pull up! We cannot stress enough that searching for a great magnet fishing spot is the key to magnet fishing. Are you looking for tips on where to find those magnet spots? Read our blog post on finding magnet fishing locations in the USA!

Is magnet fishing dangerous?

Magnet fishing can be dangerous in certain cases. It is possible to pull unsafe objects out of the water. You may think of firearms or other weapons, like bombs or knives, or objects with sharp edges. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to make your hobby safer. When your magnet latches onto any of the previously mentioned objects, always lower them back into the water and call the police. Additionally, quality gloves and protective clothes can help protect you from sharp objects. You’ll find information on this topic in our blog post about the dangers of magnet fishing.

Is magnet fishing legal?

Whether magnet fishing is legal entirely depends on where you are in the world. In the United States, there are currently only laws in force in the state of South Carolina. For us, in the Netherlands, there are no state laws as of 2023, which means that magnet fishing is not prohibited. In France and the UK, magnet fishing is usually only allowed when you have permission to fish in private waters. Germany however, it widely varies between the federal states. In short, we strongly recommend that you check what local laws apply to you. Remember that most laws are in place to protect you from hitting dangerous objects, especially in former war zones.

My magnet got stuck. Now what?

When you use a high pull-strength fishing magnet, it may get stuck on the item. If this happens, we advise that you pull the rope in the opposite direction so as to not break the magnetic hold on your new item. The pull strength of the fishing magnet is strongest when it is perpendicular to the object it is attached to. When you pull the magnet diagonally, the magnet will have less traction and the magnet may release its hold.

Learn more about how to use a fishing magnet safely.

I lost my magnet

How annoying that the magnet came loose. Unfortunately, we mention several times on our website that we are not responsible for losing a magnet. We cannot take responsibility for properly tightening the eye bolt/attaching the rope. In addition, we always recommend applying attachment glue, which we also offer, between the eye bolt and magnet. We do recommend throwing another magnet after the lost magnet. Who knows, you might still retrieve it to the surface.

Can I bring my magnet with me on a plane?

It’s not that easy to just bring any fishing magnets onto a plane. Neodymium magnets usually have a strong magnetic field. Smaller (toy) magnets (not made of neodymium) are usually allowed. Yet, airline operators enforce strong rules and strict guidelines and Magnetar explicitly refrains from giving any advice on what is allowed or not. In case of doubt, please contact the respective airline.

Fishing Magnets & Accessories

What do I need for magnet fishing?

You don’t need much to start magnet fishing. Just a fishing magnet and a magnet fishing rope are sufficient to begin looking for unique treasure. Are you trying to increase your chances or looking for a more convenient experience with your hobby? High quality gloves, a grappling hook, a long spike, and countless other accessories are possible additions to your equipment.

What type of magnet do I need?

Take a look at our Buying Guide to help you with your decision.

How strong must my magnet need to be?

The required pulling force of a fishing magnet depends on various factors. The most important factor is the type of objects you want to retrieve from the water. Want to secure the largest objects? Then you need one of the strongest fishing magnets. Other factors include your own age and strength. Are you ordering a fishing magnet for a child? Then don’t immediately go for the strongest in the range. In our blog about the required pulling force of fishing magnets, we tell you all about it.

What material are fishing magnets made of?

Magnetar’s fishing magnets are entirely made of neodymium. Neodymium is an element that is mostly used for the production of permanent magnets. This permanent magnetic force is also a feature of our fishing magnets. Fishing magnets made of neodymium have a strong magnetic force, but they are brittle at the same time. That is why they need to be protected with a protective cover or stainless steel housing.

Will my magnet lose its pulling force over time?

That won’t be the case. All of the fishing magnets in our product line are permanent magnets, which means that these magnets won’t lose their pulling force over time. Although, there are certain factors that could influence or deteriorate the pulling force.
– Temperature: Neodymium magnets should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 80°C / 175°F;
– Careless use: Powerful hits or impacts may weaken the magnet, but drying the magnet after using it for magnet fishing is also very important;
– Magnetic fields: The magnetic fields of other electromagnets may influence permanent magnets.
– Curious how we guarantee the quality of our magnets? Check the results of our pulling force test!
Learn more about the different pulling forces and their implications.

What is the difference between pulling force and catching chance?

The terms pulling force and catching chance are related to each other, yet they are different. Pulling force says something about the weight in ounces (or kilograms) a fishing magnet is able to pull under ideal circumstances. The catching chance is the probability of pulling a certain object out of the water. A single-sided magnet can be very strong, but due to only having one magnetic side, the chance of finding underwater metal objects might be lower.

Why is the coating coming off?

Our magnets are coated with a thin corrosion protective coating (cupronickel). We keep this layer especially thin to avoid influencing the pulling force. The coating might get flaky or show cracks when exposed to strong impacts or high pressure. This is not a lack of quality, but a normal product feature of these magnets. Magnets do not lose their strength when the coating comes off. These neodymium magnets are very strong, yet brittle. Magnets with housings or protective covers are protected against damage from hits or impacts.

What is the difference between a fishing spike and a magnet fishing rope?

A fishing magnet can be mounted on a spike or attached to a fishing magnet rope. The spike enables you to look for treasure in a very specific spot. This tool comes in handy in swampy and overgrown bodies of water. With a fishing magnet rope, you can search through a larger area further out of the waterfront. Usually, a fishing magnet rope offers a more versatile way to search for unique objects.

What type of rope do I need?

In theory, about any rope can be used for magnet fishing. However, we know from practice that a specifically designed fishing magnet rope makes things a lot easier. Especially one with a loop fixed with heat-shrink tubing and a carabiner to ensure an easy connection. Additionally, Magnetar’s fishing magnet ropes have an unprecedented tensile force. Are you looking for the best option on the market? Choose one of Magnetar’s ropes.

Why do I need a protective cover?

Our allround magnets are our very best products, even though they are more fragile as they are made of 100% neodymium, a brittle material. Therefore, we recommend the purchase of a protective cover to keep your magnet safe. The protective cover will protect the magnet against damage from hits and impacts and enhance its longevity. These protective covers don’t reduce the pulling force from the bottom of the magnet, but only about 5% from the sides and top.
Some of our customers do take that for granted in order to longer enjoy their magnets, but we leave the choice up to you.

Our Products

What makes Magnetar magnets that good?

Since 2013, we have offered powerful neodymium fishing magnets made from the best materials. Over the years, we invented new magnets to optimize the chances of finding treasure. Most underwater treasures can be pulled up by Magnetar’s magnets. Ultimately, we are magnet fishers ourselves and have learned from our own experiences what works and what doesn’t. It’s these experiences and the helpful conversations with our customers that help us stay up-to-date. Additionally, we test all our fishing magnets and most of them deliver an excess pulling force up to 90 pounds /40 kg on top of what we advertise!
Learn more about the quality of our magnets.

How is pulling force calculated?

The pulling force we mention on our website is achieved under ideal circumstances. Ideal circumstances are created with a 2 cm thick plate, perpendicular measurement, and no dirt between the magnet and the iron plate. Pulling forces are reduced when metal is thinner, rusty, if there is dirt between the magnet and the object it pulls, or when the object itself is rounded or edged. We test our magnets regularly for pulling force to ensure you the very best quality! Watch our video about our testing procedure.
We account for an error margin of 22-65 pounds (10-30 kg). Which means that, under ideal circumstances, your purchased fishing magnet may be able to pull up to 65 pounds more than advertised.

How are catching chances calculated?

The specified attraction distance for our fishing magnets is established based on meticulous measurements under the most favorable conditions. These ideal conditions imply measuring the minimum distance at which a magnet can attract a standard object, such as a paperclip, without the interference of obstacles such as dirt or non-magnetic materials.

The procedure involves positioning a paperclip at a fixed starting location and gradually moving the magnet closer until the paperclip is attracted. This distance represents the catch probability of one side of the magnet. It is crucial to understand that the effective catch probability of a magnet in practical situations can vary due to factors such as the presence of dirt, the physical state of the object, or the specific environment in which the magnet is used.

It’s important to mention that this attraction distance is calculated over one side of the magnet. Therefore, Bulldog magnets have a catch probability that is twice as large as the attraction distance because the magnet is magnetic on two sides. For the Allround 360° fishing magnets, the catch probability is four times as large because they are magnetic on all sides. Only with the Classic magnets does the attraction distance correspond to the catch probability.

How do I assemble my magnet?

Always turn the bolts of the magnet tight in place. Additionally, we recommend adding some drips of our metal glue between the eye bolt and the magnet. This strengthens the bond between them and keeps the eye bolt solidly locked to the magnet. Do not add glue when you also want to be able to attach the magnet to a spike, as disassembly without excessive force won’t be possible anymore. Always ensure that your rope is properly attached to the eye of the magnet. Tips on how to do this can be found on our help page. Caution: Magnetar will not be liable for the loss of any magnet.

To see all manuals, please go to the manuals page.

How do I attach my rope?

Sure, attaching a rope to your magnet can be confusing at first. So, let us explain how this works best. Please see our manual. Below you’ll also find a step-by-step guide on how to attach your orange Magnetar rope to your magnet:

Fishing magnet rope
1. Take the Magnetar fishing magnet rope out of the packaging and keep your fishing magnet within hand’s reach;
2. Push the rope through the eye of the magnet;
3. Pass the magnet through the loop of the magnet fishing rope;
4. Pull the rope tight. The rope will get trapped by itself. You are ready to go!

Did you get our fishing magnet rope without a loop? Check out the YouTube video by Reinout from Magnetar on how to attach that rope.

Note: Do you want to attach the magnet to the rope with a carabiner? That’s possible too, although we do not recommend it. In this case, you will want to make sure to glue the eye with metal glue to the magnet, and turn the eye bolt tight in place. The magnet has more play when you use a carabiner and it is all the more important to attach it securely.

What is the strongest fishing magnet?

We offer different kinds of magnets. In our classic line, consisting of single-sided magnets with housing, the Classic 500 magnet with a pulling force of 1100 lb / 500 kg is our strongest model. Note that the pulling force is purely at the bottom of the magnet.

Among our double-sided magnets, the Bulldog line, the Bulldog 800 is the strongest magnet with a pulling force of 970 lb / 400 kg on each side.

Which magnet do you recommend for my child?

We offer different kinds of magnets. For the youngest of kids,we recommend the Classic 110 (240 lb / 110 kg). This is a very small magnet, which is usually not as suitable for magnet fishing, but it works great for the youngest kids. Starting with kids of about 6 years old, we recommend the Classic 200 (440 lb / 200 kg). When they reach the age of 8 and develop more strength, the classic 300 (660 lb / 300 kg) is a great fit. Note that the mentioned pulling force will only be reached under ideal circumstances. The rounded, rusty, and dirty objects you’ll find under water can still be removed from the magnet with relative ease.

Looking for higher catching chances? Starting at the age of 6, it is also possible to opt for the all-round Easy magnet. This one has a magnetic field on all sides and, therefore, a much higher chance of latching onto something. Though these magnets are more fragile, as they are made of 100% neodymium, a brittle material, we strongly recommend your kids to use a protective cover. This keeps the magnet safe from damage caused by hitting the magnet against objects and enhances the longevity. These protective covers don’t reduce the pulling force from the bottom of the magnet, but only about 5% from the sides and top.Caution: Always make sure there is supervision when children are magnet fishing and consider whether your child can handle things wisely. Don’t bring unknown objects back home.Finally, we really recommend that kids always wear gloves when out magnet fishing.

Read also our blog about ‘magnet fishing for children‘.

Our Service

Is shipping free?

The shipping fee for your order from Magnetar depends on the country. Have a look at our page about shipping details for the latest info.

How fast can I expect the delivery of my order?

We try to get every order shipped within two to four workdays. When your package arrives may depend on your location.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer the following payment methods: iDEAL, Credit Card, PayPal, Bancontact, wire transfers, and SOFORT Banking. Make sure to mention your order number in your payment description.

What are the shipment options?

We ship our packages with several couriers, and this is purely dependent on your location. Are you looking for more information about the courier who will deliver your package? Just send us an email.

Who is the carrier?

The carrier varies per country. In the United States, the carrier is UPS or USPS. For other countries, the carrier can vary between FedEx, DHL, GLS or a local carrier. If you would like to know your carrier, please contact us by email or by contact form

I did not receive a confirmation of my order. What can I do?

First of all, thank you for your order. It might just take a little while for you to receive your confirmation email. Please check your spam box first to make sure it didn’t end up there. Then, there might be a chance that the courier hasn’t yet scanned your package which caused the delay in you receiving a tracking number. When the package has been scanned, you will receive an email. All orders that come in before 14:00 are delivered to the post office on the same day, so it shouldn’t take long.

We hope your package arrives soon. In case you didn’t receive anything 4 workdays after the expected delivery time, please reach out to us.

How can I return an article?

For more information on our return policies, please refer to our return page. We’ve listed all the needed details about returning articles there.

Can I become a Magnetar Affiliate?

Earn more! Become a Magnetar Affiliate!

What does being a Magnetar promoter entail?
As an affiliate, you belong to our Magnetar promotional team. Register, receive a link, and share it with people who are interested in magnetar fishing. Via this link, you earn money to spend in one of our webshops. And the nice thing is, you can start using it right away!

How do I register?
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How does it work?
After approval of your registration, you can get started sharing your personal link right away. Not only that, you will also receive a 10% discount code. This discount code makes it extra attractive for your contacts to order through your link. This way, you give them and yourself something extra.

How much money can I earn?
All your sales can be found in your personal affiliate dashboard. You will receive 5% shopping credit over the total amount. This way you can keep your hobby affordable! Are you going for a free Terror, Beast or Barbarian magnet?

How do I get paid?
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