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Children can swallow small magnets. If they swallowed small magnets these can get stuck in their intestines. This can be life-threatening! Magnets are not toys! Keep them in a place where children can’t
reach them!

These magnets are suitable for children to use for magnet fishing: classic 240 lb + classic 440 lb + easy magnet

Electronic conductivity

How do you use fishing magnets in a safe way?

Fishing magnets are made from metal en conduct electricity. Children can try to put them in wall outlets and get an electric shock! Magnets are not toys! Keep them in a place where children can’t reach them!



Big magnets contain a very strong pulling force. If you’re not careful your hands can get stuck between 2 magnets. This can cause bruises. Even bigger magnets can cause serious fractures. Wear safety gloves when you are working with big magnets!



Magnets can influence pacemakers and in planted defibrillators. A pacemaker can but turned off and cause a feeling of unwellness. A defibrillator can even stop working completely! If you have any of those stay away from magnets! Warn people who wear these so they can stay at a safe distance.

Metal splinters

magneet gevaar

Neodymium magnets are brittle. When 2 magnets touch each other, they can splinter. Sharp splinters can be flung away and seriously injure you. Avoid magnets hitting each other and wear safety gloves and goggles. Tell others to keep distance when you are both using magnets.

Magnetic fields

Vismagneet trekkracht, waar op letten?

Magnets can cause magnetic fields. They can damage televisions, laptops, hard drives, credit cards, digital storage devices, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers. Keep magnets away from devices that can be damaged by magnetic fields!

Nickel allergy

Nickel magneet

Most magnets contain nickel, even the ones without nickel coating. Certain people can get an allergic reaction when they get in touch with nickel. Avoid contact with magnets if u get an allergic reaction.


magneet vervoeren vliegtuig

Magnetic fields from magnetics which aren’t packaged properly can influence the navigation system of an aircraft. In the worst case it can cause a plane accident! Only send magnets exclusively in properly packaged packages.


magneet versturen

Magnetic fields of magnetics which aren’t properly packaged can cause damage to sorting equipment. Use a spacious box and place the magnets in the middle of the box with filling material around it. Arrange the magnets in a way that the magnetic fields upheave each other. If necessary, use a metal plate to shield the magnetic field.

Effect on humans

magneet werking

As far as we know, magnetic fields do not have any positive or negative effect on human beings. Damage to a human by a magnetic is really unlikely, but can never be ruled out. For your own safety avoid prolonged contact with magnets. Store magnets at least 1 meter away from your body.

Temperature resistance

magneet werking

Neodymium magnets have a maximum operating temperature of 80 to 200 °C. Most neodymium magnets permanently lose a part of their holding power when they are exposed to 80 °C or higher. Don’t use these magnets where they will be exposed to these kinds of temperatures. When using glue, don’t let it harden with hot air.

Keeping the warnings above in mind, magnet fishing is completely safe. Are you just starting? Check out our Magnetic fishing kits.

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