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Magnetic broom 2.0 – For intensive use


The Magnetic Broom 2.0 is the ideal tool to clear workshops, sports fields, storage space, or parking lots from unwanted magnetic material.


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  • Wheel size Diameter: 17.5 cm / ~ 7 inch thickness: 3.5 cm / ~ 1,4 inch
  • Magnet size Length: 60 cm / ~ 24 inch Width: 8 cm / ~ 3,1 inch Height: 10 cm / ~ 3,9 inch
  • Stick length Adjustable from (75 cm / ~ 29,5 inch) to (110 cm / ~ 43,3 inch)
  • Total Width: 67 cm / ~ 26 inch Height: 115 cm / ~ 45,3 inch
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Height Yes
  • Magnet Extremely strong
  • Grip handle Extendable
  • Distance attraction Very high

Product description

Are you wasting too much time cleaning? Invest in the Magnetic Broom 2.0 by Magnetar! This tool will help you to efficiently clear metal objects from the ground. Is your messy workshop bothering you? Is there too much junk in your magazine? The updated magnet broom is just what you are looking for!

Countless professionals already rely on the Magnetic Broom 2.0 on a daily basis. Metal machinists are using this sweeper to clean their swarf and metal waste, and woodworkers collect nails, screws, and staples from their workshop floors. This product is even utilized for clearing parking lots and event sites.

Benefits of the Magnetic Broom 2.0

It’s the simplicity of the Magnetic Broom 2.0 that makes it stand out. Metal objects can easily be cleaned up with a strong magnet by Magnetar. Did your magnetic broom fill up? Switching off the magnetism is now hassle-free with a mechanism built into the handle. This saves time and avoids any strain on your back.

Moreover, the Magnetic Broom 2.0 is a very mobile tool. The wheels on both sides of the magnetic bar will let you cover your floor as efficiently as possible. The strong magnet will work just as well on uneven terrain as it would on a concrete floor.

Updated model

The Magnet Broom 2.0 features an updated model. Magnetar has developed an even stronger magnet to enhance the sweeper’s effectiveness. The magnetic pull is powerful enough to even attract metal objects a couple of inches away, making the broom a great tool to collect heavier objects as well.

Additionally, the on-off switch is now practically positioned on the handle. Therefore, it eliminates the necessity to reach down to release the collected metal waste.

Magnetar quality standard

Magnetar strives to deliver excellent quality. This is shown by the proven durability of our fishing magnet products. We sell the most powerful and durable products for this outdoor activity.

Yet, our quality guarantee isn’t limited to magnet fishing only. All the appliances and tools we sell are uniquely designed to offer the best possible solutions to our clients. Every Magnetar purchase is a guaranteed quality product.

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