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Magnet Fishing
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At Magnetar, we’ve been committed to enhancing your magnet fishing experience for years. By producing high-quality gear and a wide selection of products, we make sure you will find the right tools for your magnet fishing needs!

We know exactly what kind of Fishing Magnets you need to get the most out of Magnet fishing. Shop our fishing magnets and join our community TODAY!

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Get yourself ready for some real power! Meet THE BARBARIAN

The most powerful magnet for magnet fishing? That’s THE BARBARIAN with its 1600 kg pulling force. This neodymium fishing magnet is 360° magnetic. Do you want the best chances of catching? Become a Barbarian!

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Everyday I get asked what magnets I use and recommend for Magnet fishing. My answer is get yourself a magnet from Magnetar.

I’m very rough on my gear and my Magnetar MEGACUBE magnet has proven to be indestructible for me. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert magnet fisher looking to upgrade or a total beginner looking to buy your first magnet. I always recommend Magnetar.

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Which fishing magnets are made for you?

Not sure which one to choose? We selected our most popular fishing magnets. Compare them and choose the best version for your needs.

About Us

Magnetar got you covered!

Magnetar understands that you are looking for a high-quality fishing magnet that is strong, durable, and safe to use. Here is why: Magnetar would not have been founded without the love for magnet fishing. Reinout, the founder of Magnetar, loves to throw a fishing magnet – just like you – in his free time. He has years of experience and putted all of his knowledge into his products.

This is why we know exactly what you need when you go out magnet fishing. After years of testing and improving our products, we can proudly say that we have the best neodymium magnets that you can probably find. We know it’s a big thing to say, but we would not say it if it wasn’t the truth.

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Magnetar rope is by far the best in the world in my opinion
Terence Wright
Terence Wright
Essex Magnet Hunters, UK
The terror is my all around favorite and really does the job
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson
Magnet Junkie, US
WOW, the terror fishing magnet is the best!
Glenn McLean
Glenn McLean
705 magnet fishing, CA

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What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is an exciting and inexpensive hobby which brings treasure hunting and environmentalism together. Just as its name suggests, magnetic fishing is simply fishing with magnets. It’s about finding metal objects in lakes, rivers and streams using strong magnets. Just tie a rope with a high pull force onto a strong magnet and throw it in the water.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll go home with valuable coins, metal objects or even metal treasure. You’ll be surprised with what’s hiding under the surface!

What is magnet fishing?

What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started with this hobby is a strong neodymium magnet, a fishing magnet rope with a carabiner, and gloves for safety. If you are new to magnet fishing, perhaps buying a magnet fishing kit will be the easiest way to dive into this hobby. Magnet fishing kit typically comes with all the basic equipment you need to get started. Some kits also come with additional quality gears to enhance your experience.

Check out the Pro package which includes a allround magnet with 4 X 330 lb= 1320 lb of pulling power, a protection cover, a grappling hook, a pair of gloves, strong 8mm rope, and metal glue.

What do I need to get started?

Where magnet fishing?

Rivers, ponds, lakes, docks, canals, or simply any body of water. But the best places to magnet fish are places where there is a lot of foot traffic. Historic sites, piers, and harbors are some of the locations where you can have a chance of finding old treasures and interesting finds! Once you have selected a place, set up your gear. A magnet on a rope will be the best one to magnet fish from a dock, bridge, boat or shore.

If you choose to magnet fish in shallow and muddy waterways, our Magnetar Fishing Spike is a suitable tool to search for deep hidden treasures.

Where magnet fishing?

What can you find?

As you can imagine, there are some cool things underwater that are waiting to be uncovered! With a strong neodymium magnet, you could catch any kind of metal object when magnet fishing; from a bunch of keys to valuable objects such as jewelry, coins, safes, weapons, bicycles, iron objects, or even a real-life treasure chest! It’s exciting to pull mysterious items out of the water.

Curious what friends of Magnetar have found? See some of the treasures found on our Magnet Fishing finds page.

What can you find?

Why magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing has become increasingly popular for several years. But why? Simply, because it’s exciting! The fun part of magnet fishing is that you never know what you’ll find beneath the water. Don’t you want to know what treasures are waiting for you in the water too? Magnet fishing is so easy too! You will only need to buy a strong neodymium magnet with a rope and drop it into any body of water. Pull up your strong magnet and see what you have caught.

Some find treasures that will make them rich within seconds while others might be lucky to find old bicycles or even guns. To increase your chances of catching some underwater treasures, it’s extremely important to choose the right magnet. Good news! Here at Magnetar, you are at the right place to buy the best magnets.

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How strong of a magnet do I need for magnet fishing?

When looking for the best magnet for magnet fishing, make sure you are looking at the pulling force of the magnet. For beginners, start with a 300kg / 660lb pull force. This would be powerful enough to haul metal objects from the water, and also easy to use and to bring with. For the more advanced, choose a higher pull force or even the strongest magnet you can find! Another thing to pay attention to is the type of magnets. Single and double-sided magnets often have a high pull force, but only on one or two sides of the magnet. If you don’t want to miss any chance of getting a treasure caught, try the all-around fishing magnet. With its 360 degrees pulling capability, you’ll be sure it won’t leave any object behind.

What kind of magnet do you need for magnet fishing?

Firstly, you need a strong neodymium magnet for magnet fishing. Neodymium magnets are made from rare-earth metal materials, which are considered to be some of the strongest metals on earth. Thus, making it the best material for fishing magnets. Secondly, you can look into the type of fishing magnets; single-sided, double-sided, and all-around 360 magnets. You can go for the classic magnet, also known as a single-sided magnet. This magnet has a high pulling force on the bottom of the magnet and is already protected by its steel surface.
If you want to increase your chance of catching treasures, you can opt for the Bulldog magnet, also known as a double-sided magnet. This magnet allows you to efficiently scan the bottom of the water with its mounted magnets on both sides. Want to go all in? Then go with the all-around 360 magnets! Its 360 degrees pulling capability will, even more, increase your chance of finding treasures!

What is the best way to magnet fish?

First of all, get your magnet fishing gears ready. Make sure you have a powerful neodymium magnet to haul the underwater metal treasures. Then, depending on the location you pick for magnet fishing, you can try these methods; If you are magnet fishing from a bridge or shore, the best way to magnet fish is to throw or drop your magnet. Make sure you have a long rope and carabiner and attach them to the bridge while throwing. This method also works well if you’re trolling with a boat! If you choose to magnet fish in a shallow and muddy body of water, you will need a Magnet Fishing Spike. While this tool requires you to get into the water, it will enable you to place your magnet precisely on the spot!

What size magnet is best for magnet fishing?

Let’s start with the fact that the size of the magnet doesn’t matter that much compared to the pull force. The size of the magnet is determined by the materials. If it’s made from cheap raw materials, it will require more material to make it powerful. Whereas if it’s made from high quality materials, less material is needed to suffice the pull force intended — which results in a smaller size magnet. So don’t be tempted by the size of the magnet. Instead, focus on the right pulling force depending on your needs!

Is magnet fishing legal?

Currently, in most countries, magnet fishing is legal to do. However, it’s strongly recommended to double-check whether or not magnet fishing is allowed in your local area. If you plan to magnet fish in private waterways, please seek permission first. Don’t forget to keep the fishing spot tidy and clean after magnet fishing.