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Are you searching for allround fishing magnets? Look no further! Magnetar was the first one ever to bring the 360° fishing magnets on the market. Now 360° magnets are becoming more popular. Magnetar has 8 years of experience in developing allround magnets. Being the inventor of the 360° fishing magnet, we can ensure you the quality you wish you had before! In this blog you can find the allround fishing magnets that we offer to you!

Barbarian allround fishing magnet
Original 360° barbarian magnet

The Barbarian fishing magnet, the most powerful all-round 360° magnet in the World! 100% quality.

Zoran about the Barbarian: “I have your product, I am totally very satisfied. I am a professional magnetic fisherman. Only great praise for your products. Greetings to you Magnetar from Wien Austria.”
John about the Barbarian: “The strongest fishing magnet I have ever used! Also a really good service and quick delivery. I will never use other magnets again!”
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Watch YouTubers use our Barbarian magnet:

Beastly strong, this well-known 360° all-round fishing magnet for the very experienced magnet fisherman.

Bude Sludge Pirates about the Beast: “What a brilliant magnet. Its tough and powerful. Always pulling up stuff. Love it.”
Ally about the Beast: “Never tought that the difference between this magnet and others would be that big. The power is amaaaaazing!”
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Watch YouTubers use our Beast magnet:

Beast allround fishing magnet
Original 360° beast magnet
Terror magnet
Original 360° terror magnet

Guaranteed catches with this original all-round 360° magnet. For the advanced and strong magnet fisherman.

Heather Hykkonen about the Terror: “The terror magnet is powerful & wonderful. I love the 360 range, this one puts my other purchased magnets to shame. I almost lost it last weekend. A friend was using it and got it attached to angle iron. My buddy used wood shims and a rubber mallet to free the Terror!”
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Watch YouTubers use our Terror magnet:

Currently the best-selling fishing magnet with all-round appeal and perfect value for money.

Suzan about the Hardcore: “Best magnet in this price range! Very good price quality ratio.”
Daniel Bunker about the Hardcore: “Strong magnet. Caught a bike the first day out with this one.”
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Watch YouTubers use our Hardcore magnet:

Hardcore magnet
Original 360° hardcore magnet
Easy magnet
Original 360° easy magnet

A revolutionary 360° children’s magnet with far-reaching all-round attraction like a ball around the fish magnet.

Joe Garcia about the Easy: “Best magnet for kids. Bought myself a hardcore magnet and gave this one to my younger Brother.”
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Do you have any questions about our allround magnets? Fill in our contact form or email [email protected]. Don’t forget to checkout all our fishing magnets for sale or Magnet fishing equipment. Get the best deals with out Magnet Fishing kits.

For the US: Talk to our US ambassadors!
Ryan “Bear” McCollum
Chris “BC” Hample

Comments on: Allround fishing magnets – The original 360°

wendell says:

I am interested in magnet fishing but some of the videos I watched seemed to imply that if it was hooked to a very large or heavy object the magnet would not release and would be concerned about losing the magnet this way. Or, just getting it hung up on something. A river near me used to have a ferry and would love to use it there but concerned about the big rocks hanging it up an losing it. Even though I’m a complete amateur, I would like to start with a 360 all around magnet.

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