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Magnetic broom 60 cm / 24 inch


The magnetic broom is an ideal tool for clearing your workshop, sports field, storage areas and parking lots of unwanted magnetic material.

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Product description

Magnet on weels 60 cm / 24 inch

This magnet on wheels is indispensable in every workshop! Simply pick up bolts, nuts and nails without straining your back. Remove iron and other metals from your working place, sidewalk, grass and parking lot in no time.

The handy wheeled magnetic broom is equipped with a permanent magnet. This way you can immediately start picking up magnetic objects. The magnetic broom has wheels and an extendable handle. This is to make the sweeping as smooth as possible.

Magnetic broom for every workshop

The magnetic broom picks up easily junk from the ground such as screws, nails, grindings, curls, beer caps and holds them to the stainless steel bin. When you're done you can pull the magnet up with a handle. That way the magnetic broom drops everything on the desired location.

Magnet for the handyman

The magnetic broom is an ideal tool to clear your workshop, sports field, storage areas and parking lots of unwanted magnetic material. A magnet every handyman needs!

Width of magnet on weels:

45 cm / 18 inch ,   60 cm / 24 inch or 90cm / 36 inch

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