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Girl power kit -1300lb / 600kg – Hardcore – Allround 360°


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  • Pull force lb 4 sides 4 X 330 lb = 1320 lb
  • Pull force kg 4 sides 4 X 150 kg = 600 kg
  • Direct pulling force 330 lb / 150 kg
  • Distance attraction 5,5 inch / 14 cm
  • Magnet type Hardcore Magnet 360°
  • Cover type Hardcore protection cover
  • Rope 1/3" diameter / 8mm
  • Rope lenght 65 FT / 20m
  • Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
  • Glue 2ml bottle
  • Gloves Pair of waterproof gloves
  • Cap Pink Magnetar cap

Product description

Are you a tough woman who doesn't shy away from a little mud? Who loves the thrill of magnet fishing? Then this girl power package for magnet fishing might be something for you! Get started with this girl power package, with a package discount! The Hardcore fishing magnet is one of our well-known allround magnets. It is a magnet with a good price-quality ratio.

The Girl power fishing magnet package contains:
‣ Hardcore fishing magnet® (click for more information about this magnet)
‣ Hardcore Protection Case
‣ Pink Magnetar cap
‣ 8mm rope
‣ Gloves
‣ Glue 10ml

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