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Terror Magnet ® – 2200 lb / 1000kg – Allround 360°

(15 customer reviews)


Our Terror magnet is for advanced and courageous magnet fisherman who want to catch what no magnet fisherman has caught before. With a 360° magnetic field, this pure Neodymium Magnet is extremely powerful with a pulling force of up to  2200 lbs/1000kgs. Warning: this magnet is not for the faint of heart!

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Essentials and recommendations:


  • Pull force lb 4 sides 4 X 550 lb = 2200 lb
  • Pull force kg 4 sides 4 X 250 kg = 1000 kg
  • Direct pulling force 550 lb / 250 kg
  • Distance attraction 8 inch / 20 cm
  • Magnet type Allround 360°
  • Material Neodymium
  • Diameter 70 mm Ø
  • Magnet height 40 mm
  • Weight 2.5 lb / 1140 g
  • Screw eye M8

Product description

* Protect the magnet with a protective cover during fishing. Without a protective cover, damage to the magnet can occur when hitting hard objects. The protection cover is not included with the magnet.

The Terror Neodymium Fishing Magnet

We developed the Terror fishing magnet after the success of our Hardcore fishing magnet. The Terror magnet offers even more catching opportunities than our Hardcore magnet with an extremely far-reaching magnetic pull power up to 2200 lbs/1000 kgs. This greatly increases the chance of catching bigger and better treasure. The magnet is also heavier which allows the magnet to sink deeper into mud and reach hidden, sunken objects. Like all of our magnets, the Terror is a 100% Neodymium fishing magnet with a powerful pulling force on all sides of the magnet. 

​​Are you an expert magnet fisher? Or do you want to become an expert? Our Expert Package is the way to go and includes everything you need to get started (and receive bundle savings!). This package includes our Terror allround 360° magnet. This package also comes with a Strong rope ⅓’’ diameter / 8mm with a carabiner, a pair of waterproof gloves, a Expert protection cover, Glue, and an extra-large stainless steel grappling hook. Want to level up? Check out our Legend Package!

Are you Ready for the Terror?

The name of the magnet says it all, this magnet is very strong! The Terror fishing magnet grips onto all objects from any side, through the mud and doesn’t catch on rocks easily. Heavy enough to sink into mud or silt, light enough to toss into the water, you can throw this magnet for hours at a time without any issues. In the middle weight-class it is throwable and can reach the bottom of muddy canals and rivers despite any water current. 

The Terror is for fisherman who have experience and want a profit margin from their magnet investment. It’s perfect for retrieving light but also heavy treasures such as safes, bigger weapons, car parts, scooters, ebikes.

Magnet Evolution

Many magnets only have an attractive force on one side of the magnet. This single sided magnet is the classic fishing magnet. Magnetar was the first company to redevelop this classic magnet into a double sided magnet. Then in 2016, Magnetar developed the allround fishing magnet with 360° magnetic pull. Magnet fishermen across the EU have been drawn to our 100% Neodymium magnets ever since, making us the #1 supplier in Europe. Our magnets are made of the highest quality, design and care by a small team of magnet fishing enthusiasts. Our customers keep coming back because they know with Magnetar they will get more than a magnet, they will catch treasures.

Powerful 360° pulling force

The Terror magnet is one of the strongest magnets that we offer with a pulling force up to 2200 lbs/1000kgs. The pulling force of the Terror is forceful and able to attract objects from the entire surrounding area, unlike a single sided magnet encased in a steel cover that targets the pulling force in one direction. Curious about our pull force measurement? Watch our video here.

High Quality

Our fishing magnets are made of 100% Neodymium. Magnetar magnets retain their magnetic pulling power for decades with only 1% lost every 100 years (with proper storage, care and protection). 

Most other magnet providers already show pull strength loss after a few weeks. Over the past few years we’ve noticed there are more and more low-quality magnets on the market: bigger magnets with lower pull strength, low-quality neodymium, false advertising. When you buy one of these magnets at a lower cost or from a big conglomerate company you will end up being disappointed even though you saved a bit of money. 

Magnetar is a small, family-run business that puts quality first in everything we do. We are magnet fishing enthusiasts and all of our magnets are drawn, designed, and made by our team to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck (or treasures from your magnet!). If you want a reliable, effective and powerful fishing magnet you have come to the right place. Our team would be happy to hear from you, contact us here.

Protection Cover

Protection covers are the perfect accessory for magnet fishermen who want to protect their neodymium magnets during use. These durable covers are specially designed to fit perfectly on the magnet and provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, breaks and other types of damage. Our protective covers are built to last and can withstand the toughest conditions. The protective cover is made of stainless steel. This ensures that your magnet remains magnetic 360°. With our protective covers, you can enjoy magnet fishing without worrying about damage to your valuable fishing magnet. The cover can be added seperately to this magnet.

(Please be aware that the bottom of the magnet is not protected by the cover)

Use with Caution

Our neodymium magnets are very powerful and can be drawn to iron objects at high speed when they are within close distance. With the stronger magnets such as the 360° allround, it is possible that your fingers could get caught in between the magnet and other objects. Handle the magnets with care and use at your own risk. Always read our safety warnings before use.

By the way, with our magnet fishing sets you'll get everything you need!

* Children must use the magnet under parental supervision.

Recent reviews

15 reviews for Terror Magnet ® – 2200 lb / 1000kg – Allround 360°

  1. Ian Judges (verified owner)

    I got the terror magnet and wow! It’s everything I wanted, so much power! If you think these reviews are fake then msg me on Facebook about it @ ian judges ?

  2. John Holmberg (verified owner)

    GREAT MAGNET. Got this one for my birthday and it’s the best gift ever! Recommended.

  3. Heather Hykkonen (verified owner)

    The terror magnet is powerful & wonderful. I love the 360 range, this one puts my other purchased magnets to shame. I almost lost it last weekend. A friend was using it and got it attached to angle iron. My buddy used wood shims and a rubber mallet to free the Terror!

  4. Rayan walker (verified owner)

    Together with the Hardcore magnet my favorite. Best priced magnets in my opinion and also a great catch rate!

  5. Tony Clark (verified owner)

    Very happy with this TERROR magnet

  6. Lynn (verified owner)

    100% worth the money

  7. Glenn Mclean (verified owner)

    This is a amazing magnet for a small size it packs a big punch (keeps up with bigger magnets) and half the size. Super easy to toss all day long ! I have clicked on to some neat stuff with this and have had no issues pulling it up out of the water !

  8. Nicholas Brooks (verified owner)

    No bullshit this is good stuff! Thick magnet built without fake magnet steel around it.

  9. Emily Turner (verified owner)

    Ordered along with the protective cover. When unpacking everything flies to the magnet. Had a bunch of keys on the table and scissors. Both were on the magnet without me noticing.

  10. Santiago Herrera (verified owner)

    360 degree magnetism with enormous power, extremely happy with it, be careful with it because it pulls from all sides so if you’re not careful, it will pull anything metallic in.

  11. Merton Hemmings (verified owner)

    My favourite magnet!

  12. Edgar Gravlin (verified owner)

    All my friends are fishing with this magnet! Now i got one to. Its the best one i have.

  13. Stepan Crammer (verified owner)


  14. Fenton Dutch (verified owner)

    A true powerhouse!

  15. Durwin Coke (verified owner)

    Very strong and good to handle

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