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  • Pull force magnet 400 kg 880 lb
  • Magnet type Classic
  • Pull force type Under side
  • Magnet material Neodymium
  • Magnet weight 1200 g 2.6 lb
  • Magnet diameter 75 mm Ø
  • Magnet height 25 mm
  • Height with screw eye 86 mm
  • Screw eye M10
  • Max. Temp. 80° C

Product description

  • ‣ Fully prepared for magnet fishing
  • ‣ Pull power of  400kg / 880 lb
  • ‣ Specifically for the advanced magnet fisher
  • ‣ No choice stress
  • ‣ Protected fishing magnets (classics)
  • ‣ Nice throwing weight 
  • ‣ One sided magnetic pull
  • ‣ Impact proof
  • ‣ M10 connection
  • ‣ A lot of fun & guaranteed findings! 
  • ‣ Extra package discount!

Do you want to get an even more professional package? Check out our pro package here!

This advanced package is equipped with a strong magnet with one sided magnetic pull: the classic 400 with 400kg / 880 lb of pull. This magnet is protected against bumps and fall damage because of its steel casing. Now available in this Advanced package with package discount.

This package was put together for someone who wants to start fully prepared with magnet fishing. This package also contains a Magnetar RVS throwing hook, a pair of gloves, metal glue and 8mm rope. The throwing hook assists you with fetching the non-magnetic items you pull out of the water. You are all set to go with this package. Order now and receive free locking glue with this package!

Recent reviews

2 reviews for Advanced packet

  1. Fay palmer

    I used the starter package before and after some time I wanted something bigger so I bought this set and I really like it so far! Its a nice upgrade!

  2. Keshawn

    Its a nice package everything works fine.

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