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Magnet fishing with a Magnetar fishing spike!

You probably have seen magnet fishers, fish with a stick. On this stick there is a magnet attached. That way you can poke very far in mud and find old objects. Famous youtubers: Watchdutchmd and WW2MagnetHunters use this. You can go in to the water or stand on the side to do this. If you go in to the water you will probably get cold!

How do you make a Magnetar fishing spike?

You can make one by taking a stick and assemble a magnet to it. In practice this is way harder than it sounds. This is because there will be a lot of pressure on your stick. If you don’t assemble your magnet correctly, it can break.  We got a very nice solution for this, which is an adaptive piece for the Gardena stick. This universal adaptive piece for all Gardena sticks which you can buy at construction markets.

Gardena adapter for magnet fishing

Our Gardena adapter connects seamlessly on the Gardena stick and is made from massive stainless steel. That way it won’t break during magnet fishing. This adapter can be used for every magnet. The only thing you have to check is which screw thread you have in your magnet. Check out our variety of adapters. The M6, M8 and M10

Pros and cons using a Magnetar fishing spike


You can use this to go a lot deeper in to the mud. This means you got more chance to find old objects. Also, you will instantly feel if you caught something so you don’t have to take it out to find out you’ve caught nothing. Also, your magnet will hold firmer because you can push it through a layer of rust.


You are limited to certain areas because sometimes the water is just too deep to use your Magnetar fishing spike. You can step inside the water but there might be too much mud which will make it unpleasant to do so. Also, your reach is way shorter. Whenever you go in to the water you will get wet and might get a little smelly. And also, it’s irresponsible to do this in the winter.

Which magnet?

Whenever you want to do this, we recommend you the Hardcore or the Terror magnet. These magnets are perfectly fit to do so. All well-known youtubers use these and the results don’t lie! You should not do this with a magnet with a big diameter. These magnets are hard to push in the mud and they will suck vacuum under the mud.

Don’t forget to check out our magnet fishing kits.

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