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Magnet fishing is all about finding the most unique objects. Over the years, several magnet fishermen around the world have succeeded in this. This includes Yves, a magnet fishing enthusiast who lives in France.

In this blog, we take a look at several objects that Yves found with our fishing magnets in historic locations. Get inspired by his finds from the waters in Paris, Bougival and numerous other places, such as a moat near a monastery in southern France. Who knows, you may soon be fishing similar objects out of the water too!

Magnet fishing in France

France, the land of Paris, Versailles and Marseilles. You will find vast vineyards and beautiful mountains, but also the necessary waters. France is therefore a beautiful country for magnet fishermen. Yves proved that.

Weapons, weapons and more weapons

Not infrequently, magnet fishermen stumble upon historic weapons. Yves has found plenty of those. For example, the Mauser Hsc below, which he retrieved from the water at Pont Abbe Pierre (in Bougival near Paris). This is a compact semi-automatic weapon developed by the German manufacturer of the same name. The weapon was introduced by our eastern neighbors during World War II and produced until 1977.

Over the years, Yves has also retrieved many older weapons from the water. One example is the Lefaucheux M1854, a revolver that may have been used in several wars. It is known that this weapon (or at least a variant) served in the French Navy.

Another weapon Yves found is a Colt. Not a real Colt, but an Italian copy of the Colt Navy M1851. This item was found at a rowing club near Le Port-Marly, a commune on the Seine near Paris. Numerous countries worldwide used the original weapon, so it is not surprising that the Italians decided to copy the design.

A great amount of guns have been found while magnet fishing in France.
Top left the Mauser Hsc, top right the Lefaucheux M1854 and bottom a copy of a Colt Navy M1851

Guns in unusual locations

In addition to the small battle gear, Yves also found some larger guns. At a river in a seaside resort on the French west coast, he was told he would find nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth! This “Carabine de Jardin” is a wonderful find. It is a kind of garden rifle.

Using our all-round 360° Beast magnet, Yves found a double-barrel percussion rifle, which was probably used as a hunting rifle. The weapon dates from around 1800, making it a wonderful find. This object was retrieved from the water at a monastery in southwestern France. The last weapon we highlight is a bayonet for the Fusil Gras mle 1874, the service rifle used by the French army from 1874 through 1886. This battle gear was found in Joinville and is quite heavy, according to Yves. The French soldiers did not have it easy!

Ancient rifles can be found while magnet fishing in France
Top left “Carabine de Jardin,” top right double-barrel percussion rifle and bottom bayonet

Magnetic fishing in France in the “historical graveyard”

The Seine is familiar territory for Yves. He calls this great river the “historical grab bag.” He managed to retrieve several unique and unusual objects from the water. These include the tools below that were used by a shoemaker. Furthermore, he found a beautiful object attached to a vault in the river. The vault itself is still in the water. If you want to fish safes out of the water yourself use our magnet fishing rope or go for a complete magnet fishing kit.

Odd items were found while magnet fishing in France

An iron, typewriter and more

In a moat near a monastery in southwestern France, Yves found an old-fashioned iron. Anyone who has ever visited a brocante store in the land of Napoleon and the Sun King is sure to have seen this type. The photo below shows a rather simple design. The household tool used to have to be heated from the outside in order to smooth clothes.

France is a rather religious country. This is evident from its history as well as the objects that magnet fishermen retrieve from the water. For example, Yves found a medal bearing a guardian angel and the text Saint Benoit. Religious people wear this kind of medal in the hope that it protects them from evil. Needless to say, Yves found a large number of objects. We are not going to discuss them all, but the last one we show is a fine watch he found in a safe. It is an Aeromatic 912 which has a new value of about 150 euros.

Old items found while magnet fishing in France.
Top left the iron, top right the medal and bottom the part of the safe.

Magnet fishing yourself in France?

Magnet fishing in France is not always allowed. In most cases, a permit is required to search for nice finds, just like Yves. It is at all times important to check whether magnet fishing is legal in the place you have in mind, whether it is in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States or another country.

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