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Magnet fishing is becoming more and more popular in Australia!

On the 13th of November, Jake ‘the unfiltered fisherman’ was interviewed by ABC news and told his story about what drives him into doing this hobby. Mr. Robson had served time in prison and was in the early stages of recovery when he stumbled across YouTube videos of people pulling metal scraps out of rivers and docks using magnets attached to a rope. He quickly bought his own equipment, and now goes magnet fishing several times a week to clean up Melbourne’s waterways. (Tolhurst, 2022) Metal waste can be sold at scrap merchants for cash, earning about $150 per tonne. But Mr. Robson does not have plans to pocket the cash. Instead, he wants to continue the good deed.

Jake plans to donate any money generated by the metal scraps back to substance abuse charities. “I’m looking at helping some treatment services in regards to people struggling who might benefit from the funding,” he said. “I’m not looking to make money, it’s about cleaning up the waterways and helping out.”

Jake contacted us already before the interview because he was looking for quality magnets. Since magnet fishing wasn’t well known in Australia, it is hard to find good magnets in the country. But Magnetar ships all over the world! And we are more than happy to see Jake magnet fishing with the Beast magnet!

Curious about the interview? Watch and read the article and video in the links below:
Article Jake fishes metal litter out of Melbourne’s waterways with magnets. It’s helped his recovery from substance abuse
Interview VIDEO: Jake is cleaning up Melbourne by fishing scrap metal
Here you can find Jake’s channel.

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