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Having children play outside is incredibly important. After all, it ensures development on all fronts. For example, they progress physically and mentally when they regularly play outside. Reason enough to send your children outside to play!

Children today play a lot less outdoors than they used to. This is according to a study conducted by Kantar Public on behalf of Jantje Beton. From 2013 to 2018, the percentage of children playing outside dropped from 20% to just 14%. You can clearly see the gap between different generations in this.

The numbers say it all. It is therefore high time for the little ones to play outside again. But what do you let them do, or do with them? Below we list a number of activities that kids love. Say goodbye to the digital world and get to know the best things nature and the streets have to offer your children.

Playing outside is important

Before we go over a number of activities with you, we want to emphasize the importance of playing outside. In recent years, several organizations have been making the case for getting youth to play outside more. Of course, this is not without reason. We already briefly mentioned it, but playing outside brings numerous benefits to children.

Erik Scherder is a professor of neuropsychology and also ambassador of Jantje Beton. He is an authority in his field and an ardent advocate of outdoor play for children. According to him, playing outdoors and in nature has benefits that are not readily available elsewhere.

According to Erik Scherder, playing outdoors is good for children’s social and cognitive skills. By playing outside, young people get into situations that will benefit them later in life. Think about making friends, discovering the world around them together, arguing and then making up again. But also small things like smelling freshly cut grass, lifting stones and branches, and finding insects contribute to brain development.

Naturally, outdoor play involves movement. Movement is also incredibly important in a child’s development. More and more children are becoming overweight, some of which stems from a lack of exercise. Want to learn more about the importance of outdoor play for children? Then take a look through Jantje Beton’s Dutch website Here you will find everything you need to know about outdoor play.

Let your kids play with outdoor magnet fishing

The hobby of magnet fishing has grown rapidly in recent years. Throughout the country, you will encounter people looking for unique finds that have been in the water for a long time. Children are also going out more and more often. Is your child interested in history? Then going out with a fishing magnet might be just the thing to get him or her outside.

Every time you go magnet fishing, you start a new adventure. The excitement you and your child feel when bringing in a new yet unfamiliar object is unparalleled. Besides being exciting, magnet fishing can also be educational. You can encourage your child to find out the story behind each unique item.

Unlike fishing for carp, roaches, or pike, you are not sitting still when you are magnet fishing. After all, you are constantly walking with the fishing magnet (attached to a magnet fishing rope) in your hand. Naturally, you are doing this near water. Because of this, it is wise to act as a watchful eye and take up this hobby together with your child. More information can be found on our page about magnet fishing for children. Looking for the right material? Check out all oure fishing magnets!

With magnet fishing, you never know what you will pull out of the water.

Your favorite sport on the streets

Not all games that were in demand in the last millennium are appreciated today. What little kids have continued to do, however, is play their favorite sport, although that is also diminishing. You used to be Michael Jordan when you were playing basketball. Today’s idols are increasingly found on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

In 2023, soccer is still the most important sport in Europe and sports like Basketball are popular in the United States. The digital world can easily be connected to the outside world by teaching children the coolest tricks and moves of these internet heroes. This way, kids are still outside and in motion.

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