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Magnetism plays an important role in our lives. Our modern lifestyle would look completely different without magnets. Scientific development and our household products are largely dependent on magnetism. The exact same is true for a hobby like magnet fishing. Are you looking for ways to expand the lifespan of your magnets? Then you have to ask yourself, “How do I store a magnet?”

Why do you have to store a magnet properly?

Magnets need to be stored safely. Quality magnets most often exhibit a powerful magnetic pull. Storing them improperly could result in metal objects in the vicinity being attracted to the magnet at unexpected or unwanted times. This could possibly lead to significant damage.

Over time, magnets can lose their magnetic pull to a certain extent. This process is enhanced when products aren’t stored properly. More than enough reason to discuss a few useful tips.

How to store a magnet?

Quality magnets made of pure neodymium or any other high-end material aren’t cheap. In order to sustain optimal product durability, we recommend applying the tips below on how to properly store your magnet.

Use a protective cover while storing your magnet

Chances are that your magnet is made of neodymium. This material produces outstanding magnetic strength, but it is very brittle at the same time. To avoid damage, we strongly recommend using a protective cover. Fishing magnets can be purchased with a fitting protective fishing magnet cover. In case anything unintended does get caught by the magnet, the damage inflicted on the magnet is reduced to a minimum.

Use a label

Are you about to store your magnet for an extended period of time? Consider using a label. This makes clear where your magnet is located among other stored materials. It especially helps to prevent your magnet from attracting or damaging other objects.

Store in a cool and dry place

Store your magnet in a cool and dry place. To avoid loss of magnetic force, it is important to store your magnet in a cool and dry place. Water and moisture can cause corrosion and extended hot periods influence the magnetic pull of magnets negatively.

Avoid electronic devices

We recommend keeping your magnets away from electronic devices. Magnetism might affect the function of these kinds of devices negatively. Is there no way around storing your magnets in close vicinity? As mentioned before, at least use a protective cover.

Store outside the reach of children

It is advisable to keep your magnet out of reach of children at all times. Swallowing a magnet can cause harm. Therefore, store powerful magnets in hard-to-reach places and where possible behind locked doors.

How to store fishing magnets?

As a magnet fisher, maintaining durability is key to enhancing the lifespan of your products. Proper storage of your fishing magnets is crucial. All offered advice —the use of a protective cover, storing magnets in a cool and dry place, and making sure to keep powerful magnets out of reach of children— apply to fishing magnets as well.It is especially important to store your fishing magnets in a cool and dry place. Always make sure to dry your magnets after use and never leave them out in the sun. The use of a fishing magnet storage case helps you achieve this and makes it easier to transport your magnets.

We hope you found this article useful. Are you looking for more information on which metals are magnetic, how a fishing magnet works or magnet fishing in general? Make sure to check our other articles! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about magnetism and our greatest hobby: magnet fishing.

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