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A good knot for magnet fishing is really important when you don't want to lose your magnet. What's also important for a good knot, is that the harder you pull the knot, the better the knot will tighten up. These are the perfect kind of knots for magnet fishing!
We know plenty of cases where the magnet is tied up with a regular knot. If you put to much force on this, the knot will let go, and there is a big chance you will lose your magnet.

Are you curious which knot works the best for magnet fishing? And do you ask yourself “How do i make the best knot for magnet fishing?” Then this page is the right one for you! In the video below Reinout will demonstrate how you can make the best knot, for your magnet!


Strong magnet fish rope

Are you looking for a strong magnet fish rope with an which can pull a lot of force?  Below we will explain which rope fits with which magnet. You can also check out our rope page!

Magnet fish rope 6mm: This rope is most fitting with the 80kg and the 150kg magnets. It can also be used with the 250kg magnet, but this is not recommended. The 6mm rope is thin, but really strong option, with a pulling force of up to 750kg. When pulled hard it cuts more than the thicker ropes.

Magnet fish rope 8mm: This rope can be used for all magnets and is therefore our best choice. This is a really well braided rope with a pulling force of up to 1500kg. Due to the thickness of the rope, it sits really well in the hand and is easy to throw. We recommend this rope for magnets from 250kg and above.

Magnet fish rope 10mm: Are you going for a safe, very thick and easy to throw rope then you should pick the 10mm rope. This rope is suitable for the heavier magnets in our catalogue. Every rope comes with a carabiner hook.


It is really important that you use a firm rope while magnet fishing. This prevents it from snapping and you losing your magnet. Also you want a smooth rope that doesn’t feel like sand paper while you are throwing out your rope. Often when you buy a magnet it comes with a free rope like this, but these are useless!
This is not the case with our ropes because they are double braided and extremely strong. All of our ropes are produced in Germany where quality is a paramount of importance. Do you want an even better experience while throwing out your ropes? Check out our special magnet fishing gloves!

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