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Hunting for gold with a magnet. That would be the dream of every magnet fishing fanatic. Who wouldn’t want to throw a fishing magnet into the water and pull a fortune in jewelry and coins up to the shore? However, is that actually possible? You’re about to find out, as Magnetar will share everything you need to know.

Humans have always been aware of the value of gold. The precious metal was already heavily used in ancient Egypt. This civilization mostly used it as a means of payment. During the following ages, gold became prevalent in coins and jewelry.

Recently, gold has gained massive attention. Especially because gold prices are higher than ever, and one gram of gold is worth five times as much as 20 years ago. This price spike might have been caused by the massive amount of money that is currently available. It all adds to the excitement of trying to find gold.

Is gold magnetic?

Unfortunately, pure gold isn’t magnetic. This precious metal belongs, together with silver, to the group of non-magnetic metals. The electrons within metal atoms determine whether a certain metal is magnetic or not. The far-reaching mechanism of magnetism is an extremely difficult concept. A concise explanation can be found on the website of Utrecht University. On the contrary, iron, nickel, chrome, and cobalt are magnetic metals.

Did a golden object cling to your fishing magnet? The first thing you can conclude immediately is that it isn’t pure gold. It can happen with cheap jewelry. The use of a magnet is an actual way to test the authenticity of gold. Are you in doubt whether you found gold? Visit a jeweler.

Gold hunting with a magnet is still possible

So, gold isn’t magnetic. But, it is still possible to find gold with a fishing magnet. Magnet fishers are known to retrieve lost safes out of rivers and ponds. From time to time, there still happen to be gold or silver objects hidden inside.

And that’s not all. Jewelry can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In necklaces, precious metals, like silver and gold, are often combined with stainless steel. The magnetic part will be attracted to the strong fishing magnet. This makes it possible to still fish for gold.

The same is true for golden watches. Sometimes watches contain small amounts of silver or gold. As long as there are magnetic parts, a fishing magnet can be used to pull up lost watches.

Although gold is not magnetic, hunting for gold with a magnet is possible in some cases

What kind of fishing magnet do I need?

Technically, any fishing magnet can be used to find amazing underwater treasure. Objects containing gold are usually not that sizable. But, what if you find a safe and you want to pull it out of the water? In that case, you will need a powerful fishing magnet.

Our all-round fishing magnets provide you with the optimal chance of pulling any object out of the water. These magnets exhibit a magnetic pull from all sides. This type of magnet is made of high-quality neodymium, which ensures an extremely powerful magnetic pull that lasts for decades.

The Terror and Barbarian by Magnetar are great choices. These fishing magnets have extraordinary total pulling forces of 2200 lb (1000 kg) and 3500 lb (1600 kg), respectively. For enhanced durability of your fishing magnet, we recommend the use of a special protective cover.

Are you trying to find gold with a magnet? You will need some luck. Gold itself isn’t magnetic, but you could just get your hands on a bag of jewelry or even an unopened safe. Did you pull up something interesting? Make sure to let Magnetar know.

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