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It can happen to the best of us. You're hanging over the edge of a bridge, want to take a picture, and splash! "Help! My cell phone is in the river!" Immediately you ask someone for help. You look for a solution on the internet, but there you only find tips on how to make your mobile phone work again after falling into the water. This is of course of no use to you, because your mobile phone must first be retrieved from the water! But how do you get your cell phone out of the river? Soon someone else will find it later and all the data will still be visible! No one wants this, so read on to find out what to do.

How do I get my smartphone out of the water?

The other day we received a call asking for help. This gentleman’s phone had fallen off the dock while fishing. Soon the phone was on the bottom of the canal. Immediately he thought of a fishing magnet: recently he had seen a bunch of guys magnet fishing and asked them what they were doing. Enthusiastically, they told him that they use the magnet to retrieve all kinds of stuff from the water. From bullets to road signs to a gun: they had caught a lot of good stuff recently, including cell phones! At home, the gentleman immediately flipped open his laptop and quickly landed on our website. He saw the large selection of fishing magnets, the hobby in itself seemed fun to him, but would he be able to fish out his cell phone with these? With this question, he called us.

Fishing a smartphone out of the water? Here's how you do it.

Fish your phone out of the canal!

A mobile is magnetic, so the answer was obvious. There should always be a way to get your mobile back out of the water! We offer different strengths and types of fishing magnets, from double-sided magnets to single-sided and all-round. Each magnet has a different way of working, but all of our magnets could take the phone out of the water. With an all-round magnet you have a greater chance of catching it, since it is magnetic all around the magnet. So, with this you have the best chance of retrieving your cell phone from the water. The magnetic field of an all-round magnet is like a big ball around the magnet, making it easier to catch your phone (and/or other magnetic objects!)

With the single-surface magnets this is “only” on one side of the magnet. If you choose to use an all-around magnet, the Easy magnet is very powerful. When your phone is in a case with a magnetic closure, you’ll lift your mobile with the Easy fishing magnet. No magnetic closure or more security? Then we recommend the Hardcore fishing magnet. With this magnet, the success rate is the highest. The man then planned to try out the hobby as well and went for the biggest catching chance – the Hardcore fishing magnet. The question remains, of course: did he succeed with this magnet?

See the proof that you can fish up a mobile with a Hardcore fishing magnet? Check out this video!

A fishing magnet can help retrieving your smartphone out of the water

Cell phone dropped in water

The magnet was in his house the very next business day. This was fortunate, because you don’t want your phone to be taken with the current when it’s raining hard or there are a lot of boats sailing. In addition, it is of course not beneficial for the smartphone to be in the water for too long. The gentleman proudly called us with the first sentence: “It was a piece of cake! He remembered just about where his smartphone was in the water. Rope to the magnet, and throw it! With the Hardcore magnet, the gentleman lifted his smartphone out of the water within two tosses. Miraculously, everything worked immediately. His mobile was waterproof, otherwise of course he would have had to try the rice method!

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