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Did you just throw your fishing magnet in the water a few times and bring it back in, and on the third time it gets stuck? Now what? Fortunately, such an incident doesn't have to mean the end of your magnet fishing career. There are quite a few ways to get it unstuck again.

Your magnet can get stuck underwater in one of two ways: hooked behind a branch, root or other underwater object, or it’s so stuck to a sheet piling or heavy metal object that you can’t get it out. In addition, sometimes it’s not easy to get your fishing magnet loose from the iron you’ve pulled up. Fortunately, there is a solution for everything…

Your fishing magnet is stuck underwater

If your magnet is stuck underwater, behind a branch or something, you can try a few things:

  • Try “wiggling” it loose. Pull the rope tight and then let it loosen a bit, then suddenly pull it tight again. Often the magnet will loosen if you do that a few times in a row.
  • If that doesn’t work, walk to the right or left along the bank. Then pull the magnet at a different angle, which also sometimes helps.
  • If you can reach the other side of the water, you can also try to release your magnet from there. A magnet fishing rope can be handy for this.

Does it still not work? Then there is the option of walking or swimming to it. Be very careful if you are willing to do that to save your fishing magnet. In cold water you get hypothermia quickly and you don’t know what the bottom conditions are like. Wear a wetsuit and, in any case, never enter the water if you are magnet fishing by yourself. It is not recommended anyway, to go magnet fishing by yourself.

Your fishing magnet is attached to a heavy piece of iron

Sometimes you “catch” such a heavy piece of iron with your fishing magnet that there is no way you can pull it to the surface. Then you can try wrapping the rope around your waist a few times and pulling with your whole body weight. Does that not work? Then the wise advice to never go magnet fishing alone proves itself. Ask your buddy to help you pull.

What you should definitely not do is attach the rope to the tow bar of your car to try to pull the magnet loose. The rope can snap and shoot up the bank like a whip. That can hit pretty hard and cause serious injury. In the video below, it only just goes right.

Fishing magnet stuck? This is how you release your magnet

Detaching your magnet from the iron

If you have a strong magnet, it will also adhere strongly to the object you are fishing up. You can usually get it loose with sliding or a little prying. If that doesn’t work, here are a few options:

  • Use a table top to stop the magnet from sliding.
  • Stick an iron rod through the eye of the magnet and try to use leverage to lift the magnet off the iron.
  • There are instructions on the internet for making your own wooden magnet separator.
  • Use a screwdriver or knife to pry the object loose.

And if all your attempts are in vain? Well, then you have no choice but to buy a new fishing magnet. If you want to do it right the first time, we recommend purchasing a magnet fishing set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if your fishing magnet is stuck?

Read above about what to do if your fishing magnet is stuck underwater or if you can’t get it loose from an iron object.

What do I need to release a fishing magnet?

An iron rod that you use as leverage by sticking it through the eye of the magnet usually works best. Prying with a knife, screwdriver or similar will also sometimes help (but be careful!)

How do you transport a magnet?

There are special fishing magnet cases for transporting fishing magnets. Alternatively, you can use the original packaging in which the magnet was sent to you.

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