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Fishing magnet pull force, what to be aware of?

Fishing magnet pull force – Did you ever buy a magnet with an extreme pull force? And couldn’t you even
pull out a bicycle out of the water? Then you were the owner of a FAKE magnet! Nowadays you can find
magnet with a pull force with up to 1500kg; this is nonsense! We are going to learn you what you’re
going to have to look out for when buying a magnet. Let’s start with how it’s possible that there are
magnets available with such a huge pull force.

How do they fake pull force?

Now comes the trick where the huge pull forces come from (and why our all-round magnets don’t have
such a huge pull force, and why this isn’t important) A magnet gets tested on pull force by placing it a
metal plate which is 2cm thick. The magnet should be able overlap the diameter of this plate. Here
comes the trick of the FAKE magnets: As you increase the diameter of the magnet the pull force
increases. A lot of sellers will use the large diameter of the magnet with a small internal magnet.
Because of the extra edge around the magnet, a magnet (which on itself can hold 50kg) can be pumped
up to 250kg. This all by making the magnet flatter. But will you catch more objects because of this?
Absolutely not, because the magnet will never live up to this while ‘actual’ magnet fishing.

But how does Magnetar work?

Let us, for the clear explanation, tell you the difference between the magnets from Magnetar and
magnets from other sellers with a huge pull force. Magnetar makes with Classics, Bulldogs and exclusive

all-round magnets use of thick internal magnets made of the best magnetic material: neodymium.
Compare this buying a bag of chips. Do you want a bag full of chips, or a half filled with air? That’s what
we mean! PURE, THICK magnets made from the best material.

What to look out for? Don’t get ‘baited’!

The pull force is the most important property while buying a magnet. Other online sellers let you think
that a huge pull force is very important, but don’t get fooled! Because the catching rate is much more
important! Or do you rather fish with a huge pull force, but have a way lesser chance of catching
something? Probably not! You can increase your catching rate by creating more distance attraction. This
means that the magnet can pull more from more distance. This is not the case with a small internal
magnet with a huge pull force and thick housing.

Magnetar tests his magnets pull force and distance attraction with the best measure equipment. Because
of this you are ensured of high quality with your purchase at Magnetar. In the video below, Reinout from
Magnetar explains you why the magnets of Magnetar are so powerful. He also explains the difference
between pot magnet (classics) and the all-round magnets from the exclusive assortment.

The magnets from Magnetar have a margin from 10-30kg. This means bought magnets can have up to 30kg more pull force more than mentioned under ideal circumstances. Conclusion of the story, Magnetar ensures you high quality magnets!

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