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Have you always been excited about Magnetar’s products? And are you a salesperson by nature? Maybe our new promotion team is something for you! Earn more! Become a Magnetar Affiliate.

What does being a Magnetar promoter entail?
As an affiliate, you belong to our Magnetar promotional team. Register, receive a link, and share it with people who are interested in magnetar fishing. Via this link, you earn money to spend in one of our webshops. And the nice thing is, you can start using it right away!

How do I register?
Register as a Magnetar affiliate by joining our affiliate program. After this, your registration will be reviewed and hopefully approved. Register using the link below:

How does it work?
After approval of your registration, you can get started sharing your personal link right away. Not only that, you will also receive a 10% discount code. This discount code makes it extra attractive for your contacts to order through your link. This way, you give them and yourself something extra.

How much money can I earn?
All your sales can be found in your personal affiliate dashboard. You will receive 5% shopping credit over the total amount. This way you can keep your hobby affordable! Are you going for a free Terror, Beast or Barbarian magnet?

How do I get paid?
This is very simple. Do you see that you have enough credit in your dashboard? And would you like to receive your shopping credit? Send an email to and receive your digital discount code for the credit you earned!

Will you be part of #teammagnetar?

Comments on: Earn more! Become a Magnetar Affiliate

Alex Baldman says:

Hello! I’m Alex from Magnificent Magnet Fishing Youtube Channel and we use the Magnetar terror in our videos so I was wondering about your affiliate program! We are a big fan of your magnets and would like to have an affiliate link on our site.

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