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About Us

For over 10 years, our family-run business has been selling fishing magnets to people who love the hobby as much as we do.

Our founder Reinout Volkers has always loved fishing magnets ever since he was 16 years old. During his studies in Small Business & Retail Management, he started Magnetar in his parent’s shed with the dream of turning his passion into his profession. By offering magnet fisherman with the best and most effective products on the market, his business has sold over 20,000 magnets in over 50 countries with local dealers around the world. Magnetar is the leading supplier of fishing magnets in Europe and is now shipping to North America!

We know that shipping can have unexpected costs. We offer free shipping to select countries and offer a 30 days refund period for all of our customers. Whether you have a question about our products, service or delivery, we are always happy to help! For information or to share your finds with us contact [email protected].

Our team

Magnetar started with the goal of providing passionate fisherman with the highest quality fishing magnets, accessories and service. We want you to have the best experience with our products which is why we spent years innovating, designing and producing powerful, strong 360º Neodymium magnets. We are a passionate and dedicated team of 5 staff who love magnet fishing, and hopefully Reinout and Annelies’ newborn, Jurre, will too! We are so excited to hear from our customers about what they find with Magnetar magnets.


I will pack and check your order. This way, you will receive exactly what you have ordered and that too on time. Behind the scenes, I am always ready to assist the customers, and I do this with great pride! Will I see your order coming soon?


Magnetar sells products all over the world, and I specifically focus on the United States and Canada. If you’re interested in promoting Magnetar as a professional in the United States, please contact me, and we can discuss the possibilities! You can send an email to [email protected].


For several years, I’ve been active within Magnetar. If you receive an informative email or see a cool social media post, I’m the one behind it. Have you caught an exciting treasure yourself? Let me know and send an email to [email protected].


With pride, I started Magnetar several years ago. I still wake up every morning with great pleasure to serve you and provide the best fishing magnets and accessories. A passion for the hobby of magnet fishing and for all customers! Do you have a question for me or want to collaborate? Send an email to [email protected].

Do you have any questions about magnet fishing or your order? Our colleague Peter is here to help! You can ask your questions at [email protected], and he will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

Our customers

Marc (36): “First I bought cheaper magnets elsewhere. Later a Magnetar magnet… what a big difference! So many more catches! I’ve earned the magnet more than once through my Scrap Iron and special catches. Amazing quality!

Fred: “Great stuff, quick delivery and top notch service! I’m just saying: you can’t do anything without good stuff! “

Gerard: “What great service! Top help and clear explanation! Someone who is serious about their work/hobby. We will definitely come back. “