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5 magnet fishing tips

You wish you knew before!

1. Research a good place. Would you like to fish for something old? Look for waters that have existed for some time. You can discover this through (old) maps or through thick, old trees along the water. Do you want to look for stolen goods? Think like a criminal. Also look for bridges and piers. Basically you are looking for anywhere people have a chance to drop or throw something in the water.

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2. Be safe. Never take unknown items with you. If you find a gun while magnet fishing, you should report what you found to your local police department. A gun could be important evidence that they need to solve a crime.

Also be safe with a strong magnet for fishing . Big magnets have a very strong attractive force. Unsafe handling could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between magnets. This may lead to contusions and bruises. Powerful, very large magnets could cause bone fractures. Wear heavy protective gloves when handling larger fishing magnets. Never use more than one magnet at the same time. Always keep magnets at at least 1,5 meter distance.

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3. Keep it clean. Magnet fishing is a sustainable hobby. We see cleaning waters like a magnet fishermans duty. Make sure that you don’t leave anything along the waterside. This way we keep the hobby fun for everyone.

4. Store your gear properly. Simply wash your gear off after using it and let it dry before putting back in your case. If you don’t have a carrying case for your magnet and rope, we recommend using the magnet case where you received your magnet in with foam or a towel around the dry magnet.

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5. Have patience & have fun!
As with all hobbies of this type, you’ll need to get a bit lucky to find something special. Most of the stuff you find will probably end up in the garbage, but you will also find stuff you can probably fix and reuse. In many countries you get money for scrap iron. A great way to earn back your magnet! Did you find something special? Be proud of it and share it with us!

EXTRA TIP MAGNET FISHING Always buy a magnets that is suitable for you. Do you want a magnet with a big magnetic field around the magnet? Take a look at the 360 magnets. Are you looking for magnets for kids? Don’t buy magnets that are to strong, but especially designed for kids. Also invest in quality magnet fishing gear, because you don’t want to lose your magnet because of poor quality rope! The best deal you get with our magnetic fishing kits.

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Comments on: 5 magnet fishing tips you wish you knew before!

Alan Rosenfeld says:

I am looking forward to using my Beastie and I have really enjoy watching Bondi doing his thing and having so much fun. He’s the only reason that I became interested in this hunt for finding stuff underwater. He’s a credit to your business, but I believe you already know this so Five Stars to Magnetar.🙂

Gary Burrell says:

This article is a fantastic resource for both novice and experienced magnet fishers alike. The tips provided are practical and insightful, particularly the emphasis on researching good locations. I’ve found that understanding the history and characteristics of a fishing spot can significantly increase the likelihood of interesting finds.

Your advice on safety is crucial and often understated in discussions about magnet fishing. I appreciate the reminder about the dangers of handling strong magnets and the importance of reporting potentially hazardous or legally sensitive finds like guns to the authorities.

The point about keeping our waterways clean resonates deeply with me. Magnet fishing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of contributing to the environment. Each piece of debris or scrap we remove plays a part in cleaning our aquatic ecosystems.

I’m curious if you have any specific suggestions for magnet fishing in urban areas versus more rural or historical sites. Do you find that the types of items you can expect to retrieve vary significantly between these locations?

Also, the mention of earning money through scrap iron is intriguing. Could you perhaps elaborate on how to go about this process efficiently and safely?

Thank you for sharing these valuable tips. They not only make magnet fishing more enjoyable but also emphasize the responsibility we have towards our environment.

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