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Youtubers who fish with a Magnetar fishing magnet:

Here you can find a list of Youtubers who made videos with our Magnetar fishing magnets. They show their finds or compare our fishing magnets with other fishing magnets. If you are curious please take a look at their Youtube channels!

US YouTubers:

Rustic Treasure Hunters

We are a Magnet fishing trio from Michigan USA. Chris “BC”, Ryan “Bear” and Lochlan “Lochness” are treasure hunters on the hunt to uncover history, clean the waterways and possibly help solve cold cases. Click this video to see us magnet fishing. You can also contact us if you have any questions about Magnetar in the USA!

Magnet Junkie

We are a magnet fishing family from the beautiful Florida Space Coast in the USA! We love anything we find no matter what as we are cleaning our waterways one toss at a time! Get up, get out and find yourself!

UK YouTubers:

Metal Detecting WWII Battlegrounds

MORE THAN 17 MILLION VIEWS! In this video you will see us trying out some magnet fishing. We found some amazing untouched WW2 relics. Enjoy the video.

Boston Magneteers

We are a father and son team from Boston UK. It all started for us as a way to get Josh off his Xbox, and into the fresh air. We enjoy travelling to fish and meet others. We also enjoy doing videos and blogging our finds on our social media platforms. Our favourite video is the one in Camden Town with Magnet Warriors. It was a fantastic day meeting passers-by, and the finds were incredible. Watch it here!

Essex magnet hunters

We are ESSEX MAGNET HUNTERS (terry Pete Adam and Beth – our newest member) we like to magnet fish, metal detect as well as a weekly live show we stream to help spread awareness for mental health – Magnets & Mental Health, as well as sharing some lovely walks along the coastal town of Brightlingsea in the UK. We have a catalogue of over 100 videos including shorts and we also go live regularly on Facebook too. This is our best video!

EU YouTubers:


Tim Oh Die

I’m timohdie and I’ve been making videos since June 25, 2019
Always great content
chalaazzzzzzzz. Watch Timohdie use our magnets in this video

MC limited edition

I’m MC, welcome to our channel. I would like to briefly tell you something about our YouTube channel MC Limited Edition. Maybe you’ve already seen something from us in one or the other video on our YouTube channel or on TV. If not, now you get to know us. We enthusiastically go magnet fishing and with the detector on garbage treasure hunts for environmental protection.

We are an environmental protection association (association for water protection around the Jadebusen and the world n.e.V.) and show you in our videos how we use our magnets, hooks and detectors to get the garbage out of the water and from beaches.
Always with a lot of fun!

Sachsen Sondler

Feel free to accompany me on my tours, either with the detector on the field or with the magnet on the water.
The main thing is fresh air and fun, the finds are not the focus here.

Johnny Hand

We went magnet fishing again with the new magnets and cleaned up the river nicely! There was the BEST FIND so far, a SHOTGUN… watch video!

Gebrüder Lange

We were actually supposed to rescue handbags with all kinds of valuables that were sunk in a river, but while magnetfishing we come across discarded stolen goods. Watch video here.

MaScottchen & Co Magnetfischen

We are MaScottchen&Co and these are our best Finds from 2021!

Magnet_4_Future Magnetfischen

Leon from Magnet4future: “The Best Magnet is The Beast, we Do a Review Video on YouTube, he is very Strong and he is very heavy!”
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