Hello co-magnetfishers,

Would you like to start magnet fishing, but do you have no idea which magnet is the one for you? We understand that it’s quite difficult to select the most suitable magnet, since we have much to offer. 

Good luck finding the most suitable magnet! Regards from the lovely Heerde. 

Reinout –

I am a starter

Are you starting with magnet fishing and would you like to find out if this hobby is something for you without spending a lot of money? Our beginner magnets could be the ones for you. 

We recommend fishing with a magnetic pull of at least 150kg / 330 lb. If you are looking for magnets for kids, check out our magnets with a magnetic pull between 80kg / 175 lb and 250kg / 550 lb. The newest magnet for beginners is the ‘Easy fishing magnet’.

As a starter you are not forced to start with a less powerful magnet. You can get magnet fishing with a powerful magnet like the Hardcore fishing magnet, which means that you will start in a very good way.

I am advanced

These advanced magnets are magnets that have a high magnetic pull and are heavier, which means they will get deeper in the mud. With an advanced magnet you will be ready for anything.

I want the best of the best

These fishing magnets are state of the art. We have invested a lot of time to develop our exclusive magnets. These are the Easy, Hardcore, Terror & The Beast fishing magnets. These are the most powerful magnets and have the highest probability of finding treasures. This is because of the enriching magnetic pull that these magnets have: it’s like a giant ball all around the magnet. The Magnetar classic 550 is the magnet with the highest magnetic pull, but has less chance of catching on to things because of its casing.

Instruction manuals

Assembling a fishing magnet? In the instruction manuals found below, we offer you a step-by-step plan to assemble your Magnetar fishing magnet. We hope that these instructions will help you to start practicing this beautiful hobby and sport as soon as possible. 

On the first page you will find the step-by-step plan for assembling and on the second page you will see supporting images. With these instructions we hope that the assembling will be easy!

Download Instruction manual – assembling Exclusive magnets

Download instruction manual – assembling Classic magnets

Attach your rope

Check out the step-by-step plan for attaching your orange rope to the magnet below: 

  1. vismagneet touwRetrieve the Magnetar fishing rope from the package and take out your fishing magnet;
  2. magneetvis touwPush the rope through the eye of the magnet;
  3. touw voor magneetvissenPull the rope underneath the magnet before magnet fishing;
  4. touw magneetvissenPull the rope. In this way the rope will tighten itself. Go magnet fishing!

Caution: Are you attaching the rope and the magnet with a carabiner? You can, but make sure that the eye is attached to the magnet with locking glue. Tighten the eye firmly. The magnet has more room to move because of the carabiner, so make sure to tighten the eye properly. 

Caution: Do you have a bigger allround magnet and doesn’t the loop fit like above into the eye of the magnet? Then please cut the loop with a knife and look at this video.

Do you own our other white magnet fishing rope without a loop? Check out this Youtube video from Reinout from Magnetar.

FAQ- frequently asked questions 

A question about our fishing magnets or our product range? Check if your question belongs to our frequently asked questions! Check this on our FAQ-page.