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The double-sided fishing magnet is a force to be reckoned with underwater. Our powerful, Neodymium double-sided fishing magnets increase your chances of finding bigger and better treasures from two directions. Plus, if one side of the magnet gets buried in the sand or mud, you still have one side working for you. Explore the products below to find the double-sided magnet that you will be using for years to come!

The most important magnet fishing accessory is the magnet. 

Double sided fishing magnets have a pulling force on two sides to increase the quality and quantity of finds. It’s almost like having two powerful magnets working in different directions to help you search for treasures underwater. 

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Double sided magnet fishing kit

Our Bulldog kits are equipped with everything you need for your next trip. 

The kit includes: one double sided magnet (“The Bulldog”), a strong orange rope for magnet fishing, a bottle of thread locker to keep the eyebolt from backing out and triton hand gloves. The Bulldog is an incredibly powerful magnet with a combined maximum weight of 800kg/1760LB. 

Please note that holding power is a combined maximum weight between the two magnets. 

When to use a double sided fishing magnet?


  • With a pulling force on two sides it doubles your ability to catch things.
  • More versatility: it can be used in two ways – the same as a single sided magnet (sink and pull) or drag it behind a boat in water.
  • Great for rocky waters – no need to worry if one side gets buried or stuck because another magnetic side is always open to horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • Combined pulling force is greater than a single sided magnet.
  • Thickness of the steel casing protects the magnet and increases its lifetime.


  • The weight and size are more difficult to handle.
  • Concentrated pulling force is less than a single sided magnet.
  • It isn’t around the hole diameter due to the thick steel casing.

Why are Neodymium magnets better?

Neodymium (Nd2Fe14B ) magnets are the most powerful and effective permanent magnets available. They are able to lift more than other types of magnets the same size and are extremely resistant to demagnetization. We use Neodymium magnets for all of our magnets so that you are more likely to go home with a higher quality and quantity of finds. 

Best selling double sided fishing magnets

The Bulldog 500 and the Bulldog 800. With their double sided pull force, these magnets can attract more objects in the water.

The pull force of the Bulldog 500 is powerful. In total it’s pull force is 1100lb/500kg. Each magnetic side has a pull of 550lb/250kg on each side. The Magnetar Bulldog 500 is the little brother of the Magnetar Bulldog 800 magnet. 

The Bulldog 800 is forceful underwater. It has an extra-large diameter and a stronger hold on objects as the Bulldog 500. The combined magnetic pull is a whopping 880kg. This increases the chance of finding large objects and carrying some of the heaviest loads because of the strength of its magnetic force.

Why Magnetar?

As a small, hard-working family run business we put quality first in everything we do. It’s that simple. 

Our customers know they can count on us for using the best materials and designs because we love treasure hunting, spending a day out in nature and cleaning up waterways just like they do. We know the importance of using a powerful magnet and high-quality accessories whether you are sitting on a dock or at the side of a river. 

Read a testimonial to hear what our customers have to say! If you have any questions or want to connect with a fellow fishing magnet enthusiast contact us.

Don’t forget to check out our collection with Magnet fishing setup.

Magnet fishing: single sided vs. double sided

  • All of our magnets are made of Neodymium (NdFeB) – the most powerful and effective material for magnet fishing. 
  • Both the single sided and double sided are well protected because of the permanent steel case. 

Single sided fishing magnets have one powerful magnet on the bottom. The specified force is concentrated, targeted, easier to manage and best suited for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Whether you are new to the sport or looking for the lowest price point, a single sided magnet is a great place to start. These classic magnets are affordable, strong, well protected and able to pick up heavy and flat objects.

Our double sided magnets (“The Bulldog”) have two NdFeB magnets on two sides. The Bulldog fishing magnet uniquely offers magnet fishers the option of attaching the rope to the steel casing side or one of the magnetic sides; doubling the possibilities for what you can do with it. The increased magnetic surface area increases your chances of picking up finds on both sides, and if the magnet flips over there is still one side exposed. Ideal for fishing in a rocky river or behind a boat.


What is a double sided fishing magnet?

A double sided fishing magnet is a magnet with a magnetic force on both sides of the magnet. Are you interested in magnet fishing in a river with rocks or do you want to drag the magnet (for example behind a boat) this is your type of magnet! The Bulldog magnets have a wider space area, which increases the potential for you to actually find something. Even if the magnet does flip over whilst traveling along the bottom of the water it will have a magnetic side visible. They are quite streamlined, so there is a high chance of them successfully avoiding snagging, and there is a pretty good chance you’ll find treasure.

What is a magnet pull force?

Explore our magnet fishing kits to find the right one for you. Shop our magnets, gloves, magnet fishing hook and more. 

What to look out for in a double sided magnet?

As you increase the diameter of the magnet, the pulling force should increase too. Many magnet sellers will use a larger diameter of a magnet with a small internal magnet. Only purchase fishing magnets from trusted and reliable businesses. At Magnetar our entire business is based on transparency and offering the highest quality magnets to magnet fishers.

When to use a double sided magnet?

If you are fishing in rocky waters or a fast river with a strong current. 

Are all fishing magnets made of Neodymium?

No, many other magnet sellers use Ferrite or Nickel Copper Nickel (NiCuNi) materials in their fishing magnets. This allows other sellers to sell magnets at a reduced cost. However, these fishing magnets are not as powerful underwater nor do they have as long a lifespan. The NiCuNi pulling force is greatest indoors, not in water.

Is a double sided magnet better for magnet fishing?

When you want to fish with a magnet in a fast river with a strong current, you will want to use much heavier magnets to keep it below the surface and actually catch something. The double sided Bulldog magnets are perfect for rivers like that. Also, the steel case protects the magnet against crumbling or damage. With this type of magnet you will have a pulling force on both sides of the magnet. This increases the chance of catching beautiful treasures. The pros of these double sided magnets are that they offer more space area which increases your chances of picking more targets. Also if the magnet was to flip over it will still have a magnetic side faced down. They are more streamlined which presents less chance of snagging and therefore have a higher rate of finding treasures.

Are Neodymium magnets double sided?

Not all double sided fishing magnets are from neodymium. A lot of magnet sellers use ferrite magnets or nickel copper nickel and you will see a better price. The price can be influenced enormously if they add cheaper materials. However, the best material for powerful magnets for fishing is neodymium. Magnetar only sells magnets from neodymium. With a neodymium magnet you are sure that you have the best chance of catching something. Neodymium magnets are the best magnets for magnet fishing. These durable and powerful fishing magnets are the most robust type of magnet available. They are specifically created to pull up large metallic objects but also work for smaller targets. Not every neodymium magnet is double sided, we also offer you single sided fishing magnets and allround magnets. 

When will it be delivered and what is the delivery fee?

In the United States and in Canada you offer free delivery. Your order will be sent the same day and you will receive it in 2 to 4 working days. In Europe, we offer free delivery and fast shipping to people that order from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany Luxembourg, and Austria. In the United Kingdom we also offer free shipping, but please remember that you will have to pay import tax. Are you ordering from another country? You will receive your order within 4 working days. Please take a look at the prices of the shipping info page.

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