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Starter package – 450lb / 200kg – Single sided

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Start complete along the waterfront with this affordable fishing magnet set for beginners.

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Product description

How to start with magnet fishing? With Magnetar’s Starter Package - 450 lb / 200 kg - single sided you’ll get the best start possible. This package contains our Classic 200, a single-sided magnet, and we added a grappling hook, fishing magnet rope, and metal glue to complete the set. This way, you’ll be prepared for almost anything you could find at the waterfront.

Starter Package - 450 lb / 200 kg - single sided

The Classic Fishing Magnet 440 lb / 200 kg is a perfect magnet for beginners and kids. With steel housing, the product will be protected against damage from falling or impacts. Just to stay on the safe side. This single-side magnet has a magnetic pull on one side only. The full magnetic force is centered in one direction, making these magnets extremely powerful in the right conditions.

The 450 lb / 200 kg pulling force can only be achieved when the circumstances are perfectly right. This is the case when the magnet touches upon a 2 cm thick unoxidized metal plate. The chance that this happens while magnet fishing, usually isn’t that high. Do you want to know how the pulling force of a fishing magnet is determined? Watch our video about the magnetic pull test we use.

The supplied rope is designed for magnet fishing. This rope has both a prefixed loop and a carabiner, eliminating the need for difficult knots. An ideal solution for beginners and children! Additionally, the package contains a grappling hook to pull non-magnetic and heavy, larger objects out of the water. Finally, there is a bottle of magnet glue. This is used to keep the eye nuts and eye bolts safely connected to the magnet.

Are you actually looking for an entirely different package with a stronger single-side magnet? Check out our Advanced Package  . Or were you in for a 360° all-round magnet? Our Pro Package with the Hardcore magnet might be right up your alley.

High quality

All of Magnetar’s fishing magnets are made of neodymium. This material ensures a long-lasting magnetic force. With proper use and storage, these magnets only lose one percent of their force in 100 years. That is why we are certain that we offer the highest quality fishing magnets on the market.

Over the past years, the market has been flooded with low-quality products. Many fishing magnets by other sellers are often seen to lose their force within weeks. Generally, we see bigger size magnets, but made of lower quality neodymium which are marketed with misleading ads. These kinds of products might seem cheap, but will leave you dissatisfied in the long run.

Magnetar is a small family-owned business of real magnet fishing fans. Quality comes first with us, and that is reflected in our products. All of our fishing magnets are designed in-house to ensure high-end products. Are you looking for a reliable, effective and quality fishing magnet? Look for a Magnetar!


Our neodymium fishing magnets are very powerful. This may cause other objects to be pulled towards the magnet at high speed. Obviously, this leads to potentially dangerous situations, as fingers might get caught between the magnet and an object. We recommend that you always handle these magnets with care and underline that you do so at your own risk. Read our safety warnings before use.

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1 review for Starter package – 450lb / 200kg – Single sided

  1. DeRosa (verified owner)

    A nice package that made me addicted to the hobby!

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