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  • Pull force magnet 4 X 70kg = 280 kg 4 X 150lb ≈ 600 lb
  • Magnet type Allround
  • Pull force type Allround
  • Magnet weight 280 g 0.6 lb
  • Magnet material Neodymium
  • Magnet diameter 50 mm Ø
  • Magnet height 20 mm
  • Height with screw eye 55 mm
  • Screw eye M8
  • Max. Temp. 80° C

Product description

  • ‣ No choice stress
  • ‣ 360° magnet (4x70= 280kg / 4x 150 lb ≈ 600 lb)
  • ‣ Extra long pokestick: 3 meters (3x1 meter)
  • ‣ Quick build/disassembly
  • ‣ Fully prepared for magnet fishing
  • ‣ Aluminium stick, doesn’t rust and is extra light
  • ‣ Perfect weight of 1.3kg / 2.9 lb
  • ‣ Easily transportable
  • ‣ Includes a storage bag
  • ‣ Fasteners for the rope are included
  • ‣ Extra package discount!


Do you want to apply a more powerful magnet to your pokestick? Check out our pokestick package 2! 

Would you like to start with magnet poking and are you looking for the right equipment? In that case the pokestick package is perfect for you! The pokestick package includes the pokestick ‘Lange Jan’, the Easy fishing magnet, Waterproof gloves, locking glue and the pokestick storage bag. When using the ‘Lange Jan’ you will reach further into the mud than a rope, so the chances of finding objects deep in the mud are higher. Do you want to fish everything out of the water or are you looking for variety when magnet fishing? Then this is the right choice. 

Pokestick for magnet fishing? 

You are probably familiar with magnet fishing with a rope, but have you ever heard of magnet fishing with a pokestick? This is an easier way to reach objects that are far under the mud or in between the cane. Using a fishing magnet with a rope you will never get objects 1 meter into the mud, but with a Magnetar pokestick you can. Do you want these treasures to stay hidden? Or do you want to use our pokestick and fishing magnet to retrieve all treasures?

Click here for an instruction video.

Recent reviews

2 reviews for Pokestick package 1

  1. Vince

    Very useful package and came early

  2. Tiffany

    Great package. Love it how much you get for such a good price. Do you also have an extender for the stick?

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