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Kids Package 360° – 600 lb / 280 kg – Easy – Allround 360°

Get started with this affordable 360° kids fishing-magnet package including Easy magnet, Easy protection cover, rope, glue and gloves.

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  • Pull force lb 4 sides 4 X 150 lb = 600 lb
  • Pull force kg 4 sides 4 X 70 kg = 280 kg
  • Direct pulling force 150 lb / 70 kg
  • Distance attraction 4 inch / 10 cm
  • Magnet type Easy Magnet Allround 360°
  • Cover type Easy protection cover
  • Rope 65 feet / 20 meters
  • Rope lenght 65 FT / 20m
  • Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
  • Glue 2ml bottle
  • Gloves Pair of waterproof gloves

Product description

Complete 360° kids fishing-magnet package

Does your child want to start magnet fishing? Then this 360° kids magnet package is for him or her. This kids package is different from the other kids packages because it contains an allround 360° magnet, the Easy fishing magnet. This gives your child a greater chance of catching (on all sides of the magnet). The 360° Easy kids package includes our Easy fishing magnet with far-reaching allround attraction as a ball around the fishing magnet. 280 kg allround. This fishing-magnet package with the Easy magnet also includes a protection cover to protect your Easy magnet during magnet fishing. It is an accessible magnet for children with a perfect throwing weight. Rope and glue are included and with package discount and therefore extra affordable.

Content 360° kids package

In addition to the Easy fishing magnet, the package includes the Magnetar 10ml metal glue, 6mm rope equipped with carabiner, the protection cover and gloves. Get started! The carabiner serves as an aid for attaching the rope to the dock. With this kit your child can start magnet fishing right away.

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