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Double sided magnet kit – 1100lb/500kg – Bulldog


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Essentials and recommendations:


  • Pull force lb 2 sides 2 X 550 lb = 1100 lb
  • Pull force kg 2 sides 2 X 250 kg = 500 kg
  • Direct pulling force 550 lb / 250 kg
  • Distance attraction 4 inch / 10 cm
  • Magnet type Double sided
  • Rope 1/3” / 8mm
  • Rope lenght 65 FT / 20 m
  • Rope item Stainless steel carabiner
  • Glue 2ml bottle
  • Gloves Pair of waterproof gloves

Product description

‣ Fully prepared for magnet fishing
‣ Pull power of 500kg/1100LB
‣ Specifically for the advanced magnet fisher
‣ Double sided magnet
‣ Protected fishing magnets
‣ Impact proof
‣ M10 connection
‣ A lot of fun & guaranteed findings!
‣ Extra package discount!

This Bulldog 500 kit is equipped with a strong magnet with a double sided magnetic pull. Our Bulldog 500 fishing magnet attracts all objects that are in the water. This is because of its combined magnetic pull of 500kg. The magnetic pull is divided over two magnets with a magnetic pull of 550lb/250kg each: so you are always fishing with a magnetic pull of 550lb/250kg on each side. This increases the chance of of finding objects because of the increase of the magnetic field. The Bulldog has a double-sided magnetic pull with a ring casing which protects the magnet. Are you looking for a more powerful double sided magnet? Check out our Bulldog 800 here.

The double sided fishing magnet Bulldog 500: Now available in this Bulldog kit 500 with package discount.

This package was put together for someone who wants to start fully prepared with magnet fishing. This package also contains a pair of gloves, metal glue and 8mm rope. You are all set to go with this package. Order now and receive free locking glue with this package!


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